“I cook a mean red wine risotto that my wife absolutely loves!” – Ronit Roy

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Ronit Roy is known for his long and strong standing in Indian television. The actor has been a part of the longest serials in India including Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Kasautti Zindagi Kay. But, that doesn’t elude the Roy from working in cinema. In the past, he has played key roles in many films but audiences will soon be treated to the actor’s first full-fledged Hindi film in the already critically acclaimed Udaan. And if that isn’t enough to fill your craving for the badshah of television, then very soon Roy will be hosting a brand new cooking show: Kitchen Champions. BollySpice speaks to the actor about television, film and food!

It’s turning out to be quite an eventful year for you. First, Cannes with Udaan and now, Kitchen Champion. How was Cannes?

The reception at Cannes was fantastic. It was fascinating for me to see an Indian film and Indian cast get such a good response at a platform like this. After the screening we had a long standing ovation. It was a memorable experience to be there and walk the red carpet.

Did you expect Udaan to receive the attention and accolades it is receiving?

I always knew that we had something special going with this film

Can you tell us a little about the film and working with Vikramaditya Motwane?

Firstly it was a great experience working on the film, Anurag is a very dear friend and so is Vikram. The script came along and the only thing we had when we went into the production was our conviction in the story.

How have audiences reacted to Udaan?

Audience cannot react to Udaan as it has not been released as yet. But it has been officially nominated at the Canes film festival and the entire team got a standing ovation for the same. It has been an extremely wonderful experience.

How do you feel India will take to Udaan?

I am an analyst, not a strategist. I hope the audience will like the movie which will release on July 16, 2010.

You’ve been a part of television for many years now. How has it changed over time?

Well if you remember the change from Doordarshan to the satellite has been great. There has been a great change in the quality of television and production along with technology. Also, the new genres like reality television game shows and adventures show have added to the variety of programming. As far as the content goes I would be keen to see Malgudi Days, Nukkad and Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi back on television.

You arrived on the television scene when it was just getting big. Indian TV is now huge and you are considered the Shah Rukh Khan of the industry. How would you say your journey has been thus far?

It’s been almost two decade I have been in the business of acting. I been lucky to get some most remarkable role and I will always try my best to do justice to the character I portray.

How did Kitchen Champion happen? How much do you know about the food genre?

After doing daily soaps, I wanted to do something different, and then came the concept of Kitchen Champion from COLORS which was a unique concept and that’s how I thought of being a host. And to witness the reigning queens of television battle it out in the kitchen, there was no way I was going to say no. I love the role I will be playing here.

What would you say is your relationship with food?

I love food and am very particular about how my food is cooked. Taste is of infinite importance to me.

How are you in the kitchen? Will we see you cooking and jutting out some great dishes too?

I used to cook when I was a bachelor and I still cook at home on weekends. I cook a mean red wine risotto that my wife absolutely loves. I am not required to cook on the show but I do get involved in what the contestants are preparing.

How much of a foodie are you?

I am a big foodie; I love Italian food and also my mother’s Bengali curries.

What is Kitchen Champion about and what is your role in the show?

With this show we plan to revive cookery shows albeit with a difference. For the first time you will get to see me host a show and giving cooking inputs on the show too. Adding to it, you will get to see twelve of COLORS’ leading ladies competing against each other to become the queen of the kitchen. These domestic divas will also be seen cooking recipes sent in by viewers and their fans. It’s a show that combines food with reality with an interesting contest.

Who would you say is the best cook you know and what is your favorite cuisine?

I love watching Gordon Ramsay in action! My favourite cuisine is Italian.

This show marks your debut as an anchor. How much preparation does it take to host a show?

Here I have to be myself as I do not have to play a character. Hence there is no preparation, all I can say is that you need to build your confidence, keep your faith and just be yourself so the audience can relate to you.

What is coming up for you, post Kitchen Champion?

There is an international project in the pipeline. It is an extremely challenging role. I have also said yes to a Bollywood project. It is too early to talk about them right now.

Any message for your fans at BollySpice.com?

Just continue to support me and love me as you always do and hope you like me in my new avatar as a host on Kitchen Champion.

If you’re a Ronit Roy fan, you will be seeing a lot of the actor in the coming months. Be sure to watch Kitchen Champion on COLORS beginning June 14th.

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