“I cringe when I see my older films,” says Dibakar

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Director Dibakar Banerjee says his earlier works make him cringe. The director, who is a two time National Award winner, is all set for the release of his forthcoming thriller Shanghai. When the director was recently quizzed if he ever needed acting classes just as his stars in the film, Dibakar said, “Yes, even directors need to take acting classes.”

The director further adds, “ I may have won awards but when I see my older films and realize the mistakes that I done it makes me cringe. I feel like a fraud. I wish I could rectify them.”

Shanghai is based on Greek author Vassilis Vassilikos novel Z , but Dibakar says that a lot of changes had to be made to suit the Indian palate. “Ever since I bragged about the film a lot has been changed. The first idea was mostly clichéd and my writer Urmi Juvekar has brought in a lot of changes. It took us one and half year to adapt the Greek story to India,” he adds.

Shanghai stars Emraan Hashmi and Abhay Deol and is set to release on June 8th!

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