“I guarantee you will become a fan of this Krantiveer” – Jahan Bloch

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Indian cinema is perhaps one of the most welcoming homes one will encounter where new members are welcomed in everyday, and upon them are placed both high expectations and best wishes in abundances. For upcoming debutant Jahan Bloch the experience was somewhat different. She definitely has experienced the part with the huge expectations and best wishes in abundances from all those around her, but the land of B-Town is no strange place for this bubbly, fair-skinned belle! To her it has always been a home, having grown up in a household where legends like Amitabh Bachchan and Dimple Kapadia were commonly seen faces and where films were always the hottest topic of discussion! She’s the daughter of acclaimed director Mehul Kumar who is infamous for socially driven scripts and close ties with the ultimate legend, Big B, having directed AB Corps’ Mrityudaata and Amitabh’s Kohram.

At last Jahan’s moment has come, with the jaado of her mesmerising looks and killer talents both to be unveiled hopefully this September in the sequel to her father’s 90s National Award winning film Krantiveer titled Krantiveer 2: The Revolution. Before she rises up to the stars and out of our reach, we thought we’d get in nice and early in her soon to be busy schedule for an exclusive one on one about her life in a filmy family, her much anticipated debut and of course all things Bollywood!

Did you have to especially break the news to the family that you wanted to be an actress or was it always known?

It was no surprise to my family that I wanted to become an actress. It was a dream I saw since I was a kid. I always knew I wanted to act. I used to tell everybody. So there were no surprises there.

How did you become a part of your father’s project, was it always planned that he’d launch you or is there another story all together about how it all came about?

Well I grew up seeing my dad direct films. I love the way that he is so focused and he knows what he wants. I always wanted my debut film to be directed by my dad. Dad was planning to make a film and he was working on the script. He asked me whether I would be Nana Patekar and Dimple Kapadia’s daughter in the sequel to Krantiveer. I didn’t think twice. I said yes straight away.

Have you undergone any form of training to prepare for your acting career? Do you believe such a thing is necessary?

I didn’t go to any particular classes. My training started since childhood when I used to accompany my dad on the sets. I learnt everything from there. I didn’t feel any need to attend any classes.

What do you say to all those who may say you have an unfair advantage since you come from a filmi family?

Well I do agree that my initial struggling stages are deleted if I’m from a filmy family. But that doesn’t make work easy. I worked hard. I would like to say that when you have a tag to your name you have to work hard even more. People expect more from you because you’re from the industry. So you have to work hard to fulfil others’ expectations. Your real struggle starts when you sign the movie.

Having grown up in a filmi family and the industry, do you have many friends in the industry that share their words of wisdom with you? If so what’s the most common advice or tip you’ve been given?

The best advice is given by my dad. He told me, “Fighter always wins” and that’s the only advice I follow.

As a child you’ve shared screen space with the legend Amitabh Bachchan. How was that experience, any fond memories from on the sets?

It was a mind blowing experience. I remember that everybody on the sets was just mesmerized by his presence. Being such a great actor I loved the way he was so down to earth and calm. It was just out of the world seeing him perform in front of you. It was a honour sharing screen space with him in such a young age. I thank God for such a lovely experience.

Tell us about the story of Krativeer 2: The Revolution and your role?

Krantiveer 2: The Revolution is the sequel to the Krantiveer from 1994. I’m playing Nana Patekar and Dimple Kapadia’s daughter Roshni who is a fiery, bold, blunt television journalist. Krantiveer 2: The Revolution is about how the youth in today’s time, if they will, can fight against the crime, terrorism and corruption in the country and bring a revolution.

How is Mehul Kumar the director different from Mehul Kumar the father? How has the experience been to be directed by him as opposed to just watch him direct someone else?

It’s a dream come true to be directed by him. Dad on the sets is a director and not Dad. He treated me like an actor. I wanted that professionalism because then that’s the way you work. It’s been amazing working with him.

Opposite you is another newcomer, how was it working with him?

Samir Aftab is a fabulous actor. It was great working with him.

How has life been in front of the camera until now?

It has been an amazing experience. This wasn’t my first time in front of the camera. I acted in my dad’s previous films as a child artiste. I had a small dance sequence in Krantiveer and I played Amitabh Bachan’s daughter in Kohraam and many more. Because of this I wasn’t camera shy or conscious this time. I knew how things worked, it wasn’t new to me.

Best memory of on the sets up-til now?

Best memory has to me my first day of shoot. It was a police station scene where I bring an eve teaser to the police station. I was so excited.

What are your future projects and plans in the industry?

Right now Krantiveer is the only project I’m working on. Hope to do more soon.

Who are some of the makers and stars you look forward to working with?

I would like to work with senior directors and stars. Obviously I would love to work with Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan.

One may say that the industry is quite competitive today. Do you see it like that or do you have another approach to climbing the ladder and your peers in the race?

Yes it has become extremely competitive. But I feel if you are a great actor then you’ll survive in the industry no matter how many hits or flops you have given.

What sort of role and genres are you drawn towards most?

I would love to do periodic films like Mughal-e-Azam, Jodha Akbar and Devdas. I love the whole historic feel in it and I would even like to do romantic comedies.

What should audiences expect from Krantiveer 2?

It’s a full packed commercial film. If you are a fan of the previous Krantiveer, after seeing this I guarantee you will become a fan of this Krantiveer also.

With an education in cinema which began since a very tender age and undying passion for the art, Jahan is all set to shine! Let the magic begin! Krantiveer: The Revolution is hitting cinemas on June 25th. You can be sure it is going to change your perception of the youth and Indian politics. Get ready to be a part of the awakening!

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