“I had not dreamt to be an actor on screen” – Sukhwinder Singh

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Top musician of Hindi cinema, Sukhwinder Singh, has now joined the acting industry. He is playing the lead in the film Kuchh Kariye directed and produced by Jagbir Dahiya. It’s a social film dealing with certain contemporary and relevant issues. It’s a journey of a man meeting his destiny and coming to terms with his own self. In this film, Sukhwinder is playing a simple person who has to go through the roller coaster ride of social actions and reactions.

Why did you choose to be a part of this film?

I did not choose the film, it’s the film Kuchh Kariye that chose me. I was originally approached to record one song for them but the film’s director Mr Jagbir Dahiya saw me recording it, he thought that I suited the character very well. You see whenever I sing a song, I get into the spirit of it and the expressions show on my face. So he offered me this role. Initially I said no, but when he asked again and persisted, I read the script which was very interesting and meaningful. Since it connected with what I am in real life, I said yes.

Describe your character in the film?

I play Rishi. He is a simple boy from small town but is a philosopher and highly principled too. He bothers too much about people and society. It’s his journey with two more friends that creates the crux of this socially relevant film. It’s kind of an awakening.

Did you always want to be act?

(Laughs) Are we not acting all the time in real life too? No, I had not dreamt to be an actor on screen. I enjoyed and still am enjoyed myself as a singer and musician. But I was never averse to it either. And when it happened in natural course, I accepted the challenge. Specially because the character is not of chocolate boy and has a lot of strength.

Are you also going to be singing for the film?

Whose voice can suit me the best? Yes I am singing all the songs that are picturised on me. But we also have qawali that is sung by Hans Raj Hans ji. Then Zubin Garg and Navraj Hans have also sung. In fact I have not even given the music for this film. Music is by a new director Onkar and he has done an excellent job. I will never impose myself unnecessarily.

Any acting projects in the future? Does this affect your singing career?

I can not comment on that but if I get any good offer for acting, that I feel comfortable doing, I am not going to refuse but I will not accept snything and everything. As for singing that is my passion and my first love. I will never disassociate from singing or music in general. I am still singing for few films and also giving music for few.

Tell about your co stars in the film?

They are all a talented lot. Shriya, the girl opposite me, is quite spontaneous. Vikrum Kumar, Rufi Khan, Shriya and Khuahhish have played their characters well. We all had fun while shooting.

Any interesting experience while shooting for Kuchh Kariye?

Yes, when we were shooting on high hills and cliffs in Manali. Whether was extremely cold. Just two minutes of hands out of the gloves, and fingers would turn blue. Then one of the shot needed me and Shriya to go on a cliff that was very steep and narrow. Both of us were all the time looking down and it was scary. In the end the shot went of very well.

Jagbir Dahiya is a debut director. Did you not think it to be a risk working with a new person?

Jagbir ji has done lot of work on television. He is not new to the industry. He knows his work. In fact he is very intelligent director and knows what he wants. It is because of him that I have turned an actor too. If he had not insisted then I would not have been here on big screen.

With the beginning of acting as your new career, will singing take a back seat?

Singing is my first love and will remain so. I will never move away from music, it is my life line. Acting is by chance and not by design. But when it happened, I enjoyed it and did it with full honesty.

There have been foray into acting by other singers too but success rate has been low. Comment?

I have not done acting to see myself on screen. I did not need to do that. Kuchh Kariye is a film that is dealing with issues close to my heart. It is not a fluff film where I have to run around the tree. It’s an interesting story and honest effort by all of us. There is no comparison with anybody.

Your forthcoming films as a singer?

Ravana with AR Rahman, Saat Khoon Maaf of Vishal Bharadwaj, Rajpal Yadav’s next, Rakta Charitra of Ram Gopal Varma… actually there are many but it’s difficult to remember all the names.

Will you now sing only for yourself?

(Laughs) Not at all. I am hungry for good lyrics and good music. From wherever it comes, I shall grab it. I will sing for all who want me to do so for them. If I am on screen and lip syncing a song, then definitely I only will sing that song.

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