I Hate Luv Storys goes to the floor!

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The new film from Dharma Productions, directed by newcomer Punit Malhotra and starring the new jodi of the gorgeous Sonam Kapoor and the handsome Imran Khan began its first filming schedule today. The film called I Hate Luv Storys, is according to Imran a love story but beyond that not much is known.

Twitter followers of Imran (@1mrankhan), Sonam (@sonamakappor) and Punit (@punitdmalhotra), plus producers Karan Johar (@kjohar25) and Tarun Mansukhani (@Tarunmansukhani) gave some inside scoop into the moods right before filming started and then some insight into how that the first day went. Here is what some of the tweets said!

Director Punit Malhotra wrote, “So the big day of my life is finally here… Will try and keep u posted:))))))”

Karan Johar sent out this shout out, “the Imran-Sonam film”i hate luv storys” starts today…punit malhotra debuts as director!! will keep you guys posted!! wish us luck!”

A tad nervous Imran wrote, “On my way to set. First day of shoot, and as usual I didn’t sleep last night. I can never sleep the night before my first day.”

During the shoot in answer to some followers’ tweets he said, “shoot’s going great, I think we’re already ahead of schedule. @punitdmalhotra has turned out to be a tough taskmaster!” And, “Hoping we break for lunch soon, I’m starving. But it’s great so far, we’re moving really fast.” Also, “nope, shooting in a studio. Much as I prefer the look of real locations, the comfort of a studio can’t be beat!” Finally at about 10:45, “FINALLY wrapped. Actually that’s not fair, I’ve had far longer days, my record is 22 hours shooting non stop! But it was a good day. Happy.”

Tarun Mansukhani also gave some scoop about the film on twitter writing, “Just got bck frm the IHLS set. Imran n Sonam look fab together. This film is gonna b cool. I know it just started but cant wait to see it!”

Sonam was also playing on twitter and wrote about the first day, “okay first day of shoot over, and it went off really really well(touchwood) punit is a dream to work with and imran is a real cutie.”

We know we can’t wait to see this new fabulous jodi and will be waiting and watching to see what other gems the stars’ tweets will reveal. We will keep you up to date on all the I Hate Luv Storys news so check back here often!

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