I Hate Luv Storys Making Waves!

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From the very first teaser, well actually, from the first time fans heard who would be starring in I Hate Luv Storys (IHLS), there has been a buzz surrounding the film. With two of the best young actors in an exciting jodi, Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor and coming from the Dharma production house the film has Hindi cinema fans excited! Directed by newcomer Punit Malhotra, IHLS is the story of a boy who does not believe in love and a girl who lives for finding her true love. Imran described the story in a recent interview: “In the film, my idea and Sonam’s idea clash over what love is. She never tries to justify why she likes love stories. I have my point of view and she has hers. It’s like two people who are working together think differently. As a result of us spending time together and being together, Sonam changed my opinion on love and I changed hers.” Does their prem kahani come true? Well, we will all find out on July 2nd.

When the first teaser came out it created a storm with an overwhelming response and the clamor for more and is it July 2nd yet began! In fact, that first teaser received a viewership of 80,000 in just few of days of its release.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is that first teaser

For the promotions of IHLS, Dharma has gone with a unique campaign in several ways. One of the most exciting things for fans of Imran and Sonam are the competitions that are being held almost daily on the I Hate Luv Storys Facebook page (check it out here). The contests have ranged from naming your favorite iconic dialogue, to writing a poem, to writing the finish to a romantic scene, art projects and many other really creative and fun ways to get fans involved with the film and with each other. With prizes up for grabs like goodies from the film (CDs, posters, t-shirts), autographs and even a phone call from the stars, members of the Facebook group have had a ball supporting either Team Jay or Team Simran. The team of the IHLS FB page also gives the group the first look at the newest song promos and other exciting movie content. The group now has over 25,000 fans, with new people joining in the fun every day. IHLS is also on twitter and 2,301 people follow to see what they have in store.

Pooja Rao told us, “I had been hearing many positive things about the IHLS marketing on Facebook. When I eventually visited the page, I was amazed. The admins are extremely friendly. The contests they run are entertaining and they make sure everyone is given a fair chance to participate & win. It’s a joy ride. Visiting the IHLS FB page is highly addictive.”

Shaima concurred and said, “I think it’s a very original concept, totally appropriate to the targeted audience, and I love the fact that fans from all over the world can get IHLS goodies!”

Fari from the US has been there from the beginning and said, “I really like the concepts of these contests. Most of the time, I don’t play to win but just to get more into the movie and interact with the other fans. I made lots of new friends because of these “Team Jay” and “Team Simran” thing. It really makes everyone more excited for the movie so that’s a good thing.”

Benaz agreed saying, “I love them!! Not only do you get to meet other IHLS fans but also have a chance to win something! I personally haven’t won anything yet; that doesn’t stop me from trying!”

Over and over fans told us about the fun, Hileri said, “The official page of IHLS is a total hit! The contests, the friendliness of admins and exclusive release of movie teasers has all of us really excited!”

Aminath from the Maldives sang the praises of the campaign and the movie, “I Hate Luv Story page is truly a lot of fun. Every night I look forward to their contests. It is mostly fun because of the team Jay (anti-love) v/s Simran (love) battles! Also looking forward to the live web chats with Imran, Sonam and Punit! The rocking fans on the page and the awesome admins are also another reason we just keep visiting the page! All this and more has most definitely made me look forward to the film more!”

There are only 14 days left until we get to see the full magic of I Hate Luv Storys, when it releases in theaters on July 2nd. From what we can tell it looks like it is going to set the box office on fire!

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