“I have always dreamt of being a part of Bollywood”- Sada

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Gone are the days when heroines danced around trees and hid behind heroes in fight sequences. Today’s actresses are ready to take on the world of cinema one film at a time, and new entrant in Hindi cinema Sada is not any different. She proved herself unique and talented in a film industry (Tollywood) where women are still to outshine or become equals with their male counterparts, and now she’s raring to take on Bollywood with her dazzling beauty, confident stance, and a list of films that seem to be getting more and more intriguing as the veils are removed. I had the chance to catch up with this hot and happening newcomer, and one thing I can say for certain after this encounter is that Sada is not one to take her eyes off the prize. She’s talented, she’s beautiful and she’s talking to BollySpice exclusively!

Many of our readers do not know this but you are a well established name down South and have been part of several acclaimed films with some of the biggest names of the industry. So what prompted the move up north?

I have always dreamt of being a part of Bollywood, and after being with Tollywood for quite a while now, I thought it was time for me to move up the map. And thus I’m here.

You have been part of movies that vary quite significantly in genre and in the characters you have portrayed. How have you managed to achieve this versatility? Has it been simply a game of luck or a strict criteria that you adhere by?

Frankly speaking there aren’t much female oriented roles in Tollywood, which mainly focus on the male leads. But my first movie Jayam wasn’t in that genre, and I’m lucky to have a role like it in my career which put me in the front lead right in the beginning of my career. It’s always luck in the beginning of your career, but you must adhere to a strict criteria once you reach a stage in your career, and I think I have reached that in mine.

Now in Hindi cinema you have also managed to line up quite an interesting variety of films. Three which are much talked about are Khalbali, Love Khichidi and Click, so tell us a bit about these projects and your roles, and in particular Khalbali which is releasing very soon.

Haha… well by the time people read this Khalbali would already have released and I hope it does well.(Editor’s note: releases tomorrow) I got all these roles because of my Tollywood friends and links I have in Bollywood. Teja Sir also helped me a lot in getting these roles in Hindi cinema.

Any other projects your fans should be looking out for?

Hmm… yeah there is a surprise package for them very soon, but I can’t tell much about it. All I can say is that it’s with the king of Bollywood.

Moving onto life in Bollywood, how has life been in Hindi cinema? Any particular contrasts you’ve been able to draw out in the style of film making, work atmosphere etc…?

There is a hell lot of difference between the South style and the Bollywood style of film making, but I must say, the people in the South are much more professional in nature.

Will you be changing focus onto a particular industry or will you be keeping to a healthy blend of both?

I am always open to any industry, not one in particular.

How much exposure do you think regional cinema receives from the Bollywood community? Do you think regional cinema is treated as inferior to Bollywood?

No, I think that’s not true. If it was, people like me will not be offered films in Bollywood.

Your life has quiet an interesting career graph, from working with Mani Ratnam in plays to working with South superstars such as Madhavan. Is there a particular memory or lesson you’ve learnt in all your days in cinema that you simply cannot forget?

Yeah, that hard work doesn’t always pays off.

Amongst all the roles you have played which one has really been close to the real Sada and which one have you enjoyed portraying the most?

My first movie Jayam and my role in Anniyan, they will always be my favorites.

Where would you like to see yourself in your career in 10 years time? Any particular goals that you’ve set for yourself?

Hmm… I will be happy if I will just still survive in this fierce world of competition, where only winning matters.

Moving onto Sada off screen, what do you do on your average weekend, if you’re not shooting?

I am a party girl, so I normally go to some pub with my friends.

Have you made very close friends in the industry or do you like to keep your work separate from your personal life?

Hmm yeah, Manchu Manoj is one close friend I have in the industry.

Now moving onto a very special section of the interview called the ‘Prathna Pooche’ section. A section that allows your fans to get to know you better. Its just a few, particularly short answer, questions about your taste in cinema in general?

1. Three actors (South or North) that you’re looking forward to working with.

Chiranjeevi, Chiranjeevi and Chiranjeevi.

2. Three actresses, i.e. your colleagues/contemporaries that you really admire?

Again Chiranjeevi, Chiranjeevi and Chiranjeevi

3. All time favorite films?

Blood Diamond, DDLJ and KKHH

4. Directors which you would give your left arm to work with?

Mani Ratnam Sir, RGV Sir and Shankar Sir.

5. A role you’d love to recreate on screen?


Well Sada we truly do wish that your dream of working with the great Chiranjeevi does comes true and that your hard work does pay off in your upcoming release Khalbali.

Don’t forget to check out Sada’s latest release Khalbali – Unlimited Fun which is creating a laughing riot in a cinema near you soon!!

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