“I knew No Problem had problems whilst shooting” – Anees Bazmee

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Looks like we’ll be inventing an award for directors who are able to accept defeat so graciously and truthfully! In an industry where egos run high and where no one admits to be wrong a commercial blockbuster director admits to his latest disastrous film! Salutes to Anees Bazmee!

The No Entry and Welcome director, who has tasted success like no other in the past with his energy packed masala comedy entertainers, had a release last Friday that couldn’t have possibly been a more problematic film, No Problem!

Not only did the critics smash the film into bits, including BollySpice, the box office also rejected it instantly with a abysmal collection in the past week. The clash with Band Baaja Baaraat proved to be lethal because, of course as now commonly known, BBB took audiences by surprise and word spread like fire that it was the better film of the two. Once word was out there was no question that business for No Problem couldn’t pick up.

The director in very candid interviews to various media outlets admits that No Problem was looking troublesome even at the time of its making. He went onto to say that there was a total of four writers involved in the writing with him leading the team which could have led to the bad writing evident in the film. He also admitted that perhaps with screenplays he ought to give new writers in chance and stick to writing only scripts himself.

When asked how easy and why he’s admitting to all that the director said, “If people are rejecting the film its better to accept it and decipher the reason to its failure”.

Kudos to the man for being so honest and standing up to what’s staring him in the face and not denying it!

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