’I owe Sallu and Sohail’ – Govinda

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We all know and love Govinda aka Chi-chi and now this talented actor is making a fabulous comeback.

He did go through a rough patch in his films, Bhagam Bhag and Salaam-e-Ishq, as well as in his political career, but he says, “Now I feel my luck is about to change. My political career didn’t really take off, my film career was in the doldrums, it was a scary phase. But when you invest goodwill and hard work, you get good dividends. I owe Sallu and Sohail Khan big time.” Adding that from Salman Khan he has learned, “… to stand by your family always. They are your strength.”

Govinda is starring opposite Salman Khan in David Dhawan’s upcoming film Partner. The film is set to release next Friday and along with his acting talent it will show off his dancing ability as well, maybe even surprise the audience. “Dancing comes naturally to me. I have a flexible body. I just practice hard,” he said.

He also said that even if he is making movies he will continue to work for the causes that were on his agenda as a politician. “I won’t give up my commitment to the people and make things easy for my detractors. I don’t have major political aspirations. My agenda is to work at the grassroot level.”

For Govinda, not only is this a comeback in films, bit it is also a comeback for him in life, “I was exhausting the money I had earned. Today I need money, a little more name and fame. To struggle for the second time in life is more interesting. Only now I am more aware and wiser.”

We are eagerly waiting to see Partner and hope that Govinda will be entertaining us at the Cineplex for years to come!

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