I See You

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Arjun Rampal as Raj Jaiswal
He’s handsome, successful and a Casanova who never takes any of his flings seriously. And then one day he sees Shivani, and his life turns upside down forever.

Vipasha Agarwal as Shivani
All it needed was one photograph of this pretty model from Delhi and director Vivek Agrawal was sold. Although he had earlier dreamt of casting a known actor, after seeing her, he realized that what he’d actually wanted all along was an unknown face with no identity for his Shivani.

Chunky Pandey as Akshay Kapoor
Tailor made for this role, he plays Raj’s best friend, the only one who can sense and sympathize with the turmoil in his friend’s life.

Sonali Kulkarni is Kuljeet Kapoor
She looks mild and pretty but plays the role of a husband beater with astonishing ease.

Sophie Choudary as Dilnaz Boga
She plays herself as a VJ and dances really well.

Kiron Kher as Mrs. Dutt
The quintessential loving mother of an enigmatic daughter

Boman Irani as Dr Patnaik
This psychiatrist is confident of dealing with the most unusual of cases; the most difficult of patients. Till he comes across Raj and almost throws in the towel!

British Raj in the new millennium is quite unlike the one in Indian history textbooks. The only similarity between the two is the word “conquest”. The big difference is that in this British Raj the conquest is restricted to women! And the only thing British about it is Raj Jaiswal’s suave demeanor.

Raj Jaiswal (Arjun Rampal) is the star attraction on the TV show British Raj. It’s a fact he knows and exploits to his advantage… particularly with the opposite sex. Not surprisingly, he knows the art of harmless flirting and serious seduction. And he spares no one… not even a new recruit on the show!

But that was until that evening he bumped into Shivani (Vipasha) … in his own bedroom!

There she was like a dream. Or was it really a dream?

It’s a question Raj can’t seem to answer himself. After all, she breezes in and out of his home and office whether he likes it or not! Unfortunately, Raj is the only one who seems to be able to see her or talk to her! A fact confirmed by the quizzical expressions on the faces of his colleagues and best friend Akshay (Chunky Pandey).

Over the next few days, as the world watches in amusement, Raj Jaiswal raves, rants and romances with a woman who is quite simply “for his eyes only”! But is Shivani for real? Or is she a figment of his imagination? Or is she a ghost? Actually, these aren’t the questions that bother Raj Jaiswal. What bothers him is the danger of falling in love with someone who seems to only exist in his world!

Our Rating

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