“I think Anjaana Anjaani is just a simple love story, original with a kinda different hook to it” – Ranbir Kapoor

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One of the coolest things about many of the actors and actresses in the Indian film industry is how much they appreciate their fans. Not only do they try and connect with them by going and out and doing promotional events, but many also delight the die-hards by coming on the websites and forums of fan sites dedicated to them. Ranbir Kapoor is one of those actors, he not only has chatted with fans on the Ranbir Kapoor Fanclub website, he also recently gave RKF an exclusive interview about Anjaana Anjaani. Check out what was asked and answered.

So what made him sign Anjaana Anjaani? “I think the story, genre, NEW YORK City, character in that order.”

Describing the film as a “simple love story”, he went on to say, Anjaana Anjaani is “original with a kinda different hook to it and really good music. Don’t promise a classic love story but guarantee fun, laughter, smiles and tears (I hope).”

Speaking of the really good music of Anjaana Anjaani, Ranbir revealed that his favorite song from the OST by Vishal Shekhar is ‘Tujhe Bhula Diya’.

As with many actors as soon as Ranbir begins filming, the rumors start about a hook-up with his co-star, but for Anjaana Anjaani that was not the case, “I think I’m just a soft target for the frustrated Indian press to link me up randomly with anybody and everybody I work with. Can’t blame them too much also as they’ve also been extremely supportive of my work and career so far, have given me more then I deserve and I truly believe that. It actually feels nice to finish a movie and not be linked with the co-star of a film, it’s how it’s meant to be.”

About co-star Priyanka Chopra he had nothing but praise for her, “PC is awesome to work with, really friendly and a great talent.”

Interestingly, Ranbir says he usually has a different idea in his head when he first approaches a role then what the director’s idea might be, “Yeah, I always have a different approach to the films I do, which usually takes the director a lot of talking and hanging out with me to do, to convince me of his vision. Once that is out of the way, I try and support the director’s vision as much as I can. He’s the director of the film and he should know the movie better then his actors, that’s how it should be and fortunately for me, its been that way with all the films I’ve done so far.”

One of the things about this film Ranbir remembers most was shooting in New York, “Spending time in New York (went there after 8yrs). Strangely, I was in an isolated phase of my life, just enjoyed spending time with myself alone in the city, walking around, eating good steak, watching movies, running in central park and actually just procrastinating.”

Ranbir is currently shooting for his next film Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar, so when asked what was the first thing he thought of that morning, he replied, “Rockstar has taken my entire headspace and that’s whets only on my mind 24/7.”

But that is not all, Ranbir also treated RKF with 28 answers for his 28th birthday, which was on the 28th of September, and we got the scoop! Check out some of what he revealed!

Describing himself using only the letters of his name, “R- rebel A- actor N- neat B- bhooka always I- isolated and detached sometimes R- really trying to discover myself (was this allowed??)”

His hotness ka raaz? “I don’t think I’m hot, goofy is more like me.”

Seems Ranbir does not dream at night, “You guys probably wont believe but I don’t get dreams or nightmares. I sleep with a blank mind, really weird but the honest truth. Sleeping in the day makes me dream, and it usually comes true”

“Not having an acting job, losing my parents, heartbreak (not had 1 yet), breaking my legs and not being able to play soccer,” is what Ranbir says he is terrified of.

Worst piece of advice: “Do bad movies sometimes, it’ll make you appreciate the good ones even more (a superstar told me this).”

Worst habit: Smoking, not eating my vegetables, not brushing my teeth at night.

Biggest pet peeve: Liars, people who don’t respect time, people who don’t respect family and elders, girls who wear too much make up, being told to do things (bit of a rebellious nature), negativity.

He does not fear marriage, in fact, “I’m all for marriage and starting a family” Kids? “2, any gender.”

Philosophies of life: “Don’t take life too seriously; nobody gets out of it alive anyways. To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

The actor says if his life was a movie, “this is not real, it’s all a dream.”

He listed quite a few things he would like to steal, “Chaplin’s genius mind, Raj Kapoor’s vision, Jackson’s talent and Madhuri Dixit from Dr. Nene.”

A secret: I love loneliness.

Finally a few quick answers: Prakash Jha or Raj Kumar Santoshi: Santoshi, Katrina or Priyanka: Katrina, Ayan Mukerji or Imtiaz Ali: Both. They have madness, passion and stories to tell, their minds turn me on. iPad or iPod: iPad, Naughty or nice: Naughty, Sugar or spice: Sugar”

Finally his message to all his fans, “I love you, I owe you a lot. Thank you. And if I might have disappointed you in any way, I’m sorry. The only way I can reciprocate the love is through my work, and I feel that’s my responsibility.”

Anjaana Anjaani, which co-stars Priyanka Chopra and was directed by Siddharth Anand opens in theaters on October 1st! From what we have heard so far, this film is one not to be missed and that both Priyanka and Ranbir are brill. Stay tuned for our take, we will have it for you hot off the presses or rather computer that is!

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