“I want to direct a film” Kangana Ranaut

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She’s at the top of the world with the nonstop acclaim that is flowing in from all directions for her performance in last year’s blockbuster film Fashion. However, the actress who turns 22 next week, remains firmly grounded as she speaks about her life in the upcoming years.

Her list of priorities almost seem endless currently, but above all she plans to settle her older sister down before she thinks of settling down herself. Speaking to Mumbai Mirror she says that if plans permit, Rangoli should be married within the next year. Rangoli, as you may recall, was part of a tragic incident a few years back when an unidentified person attacked her with acid. Incidentally the marriage plans at the time also went into the wind and since then, as you may have predict, life has been full of ups and downs for the two sisters. Nonetheless, the sun is shining brightly upon them now with a new marriage alliance in place and Kangana’s career at a soaring high.

The item on Kangana’s list that catches our eye is her adamant plan to soon travel abroad to study filmmaking and hopefully direct a film in the near future upon completing her studies. Directing is Kangana’s long time dream and she thinks it;s high time she put it into action. We couldn’t agree more!

In addition to directing her own film Kangana wants to assist her good friend and colleague Anurag Basu in direction. Anurag Basu and Kangana have worked together in many films including Gangster, her debut film, and Life in a Metro for which she received innumerable amounts of acclaim.

So since professional life is settled and family is settled, what about personal? Don’t worry, she hasn’t forgetten that yet. The actress says that she’s moving on from the past and becoming a much more mature person. She plans to eventually settle down, hopefully at the age of 30 at the earliest! On the list of course is marriage and kids!

The actress makes the impossible possible on screen and we aren’t the least bit doubtful that she’ll do the same off screen! So here’s wishing her all the best as she embarks on a crucial journey!

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