“I want to play a role which is just written for me.” – Chitrashi Rawat

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Chitrashi Rawat is now a household name. She debuted in the 2007 blockbuster Chak De India where she played the small town, feisty, young hockey player. This year we saw her in a minor but pivotal role in Fashion where she played a tapori fashion coordinator and her performance really stood out! A national hockey player and now actress on the rise and demand, Rawat is one ambitious gal. BollySpice spoke with Chitrashi Rawat to talk pre and post Chak De as well as her future in the film fraternity.

Is acting something you always wanted to do?

No, it was never my first choice. In fact, I have never even thought of it. It happened by chance. I’ll give credit to my luck.

Of course we must ask lots of questions about Chak De India, so how did you land your role in Chak De India?

Well Shimit Amit spotted me in Jabalpur. I was there for my hockey national tournament. He asked me to do a small skit for him, i did it and he really liked it, but I was totally unaware of what I did. It was my first time auditioning. After some days I got a call from them, and then I was on for the project.

What was your experience like working on Chak De India? Were you nervous your first day on set?

It was a [once in a] life time experience. I had so much of fun. Well, fortunately I was never nervous in front of the camera. Apparently we started with my scene… I mean the first shot of the movie was mine. I don’t know from where I got so much confidence in myself, but I guess everyone on the sets was really kind to me.

Were you nervous about taking a role that could typecast you?

No, I never thought of the technicality of the character. I just did it. Actually, I did Chak De because it was based on hockey. I never acted in it. I was just playing myself as a hockey player in it.

What was your favorite scene?

The end scene when I am running towards Vidya and all my teammates are following me after our victory. I think that looked so nice.

How did it feel winning the Star Screen Award for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ along with the rest of your team?

Oh it feels so great. I remember I used to enjoy watching all the award functions, but I never knew that one day I’ll be nominated in all these awards. And of course it was very well deserved.

Did you ever expect Chak De to become the success it did?

Seriously speaking, not really. We all used to talk about it and there were always two thoughts. Either our movie is going to be big hit or big flop, but we always knew people will go to watch this movie at least once as SRK was there. That’s exactly what happened. People went to see SRK, but when they came out the only thing they talked about was the girls.

What was the experience like hosting Sabse Favorite Kaun?

Fantastic. I always wanted to try my hand in anchoring also, and it was a good chance. The great part was when I asked questions to the public. Half of the time people used to take my name, so it was like a direct conversation with my own fans.

What kind of roles do you see yourself in the future?

I haven’t thought of it really, but of course it should be interesting. I want to play a role which is just written for me. I wouldn’t mind trying anything different also.

Are there any particular directors or actors and actresses that you are dying to work with?

Aamir Khan no doubt.

Whose career path would you love to emulate?

Well, I am not the one who follows. I am very practical and I rather set my own path.

What is your favorite movie of all time? Your favorite song?

I can’t name one. I’ve a big list as I love watching movies and of course music is like my life!

How do you take criticism?

Well, it gives you a chance to improve yourself but not always as people try to underestimate you, so for that I always believe in one thing…if someone says something unkind about me I must live so that no one will believe it.

Can you tell us one of the best things that has ever happened to you.

Chak De was the best thing that ever happened to me, and it still continues as it has given me so much.

You are getting your degree as well. Do you feel getting an university education is important?

Yes, it is very important though I couldn’t continue with my BMM because of my busy schedule. But I’ll be doing something related to our industry. In fact, I am very keen on learning photography.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I want to be very happy in life and that could happen only when I have everything like fame, money and my loved ones with me. So the word [happy] defines it well I guess.

What are your goals in the industry and in life?

I haven’t planned anything. I am more of a spontaneous person. I’ll grab whatever nice opportunity that comes without even thinking twice.

Have you signed any new projects?

Yes, four projects. One got canned which also starred Shiney Ahuja. Fashion (released), Luck and Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

In Fashion I played a model coordinator…it’s a very small but yet very powerful role.

In Luck my character is a hardcore tomboy with lots of attitude. She does camel races and all and any camel she sits on, that camel always wins. Its not same as Chak De…my look is quite stylish! And I am sure people are going to love my character in this.

And in Don’t Worry Be Happy I am playing a lead, its a comedy flick. Rajpal Yadav is playing my father and Vinay Pathak my father in-law. In this film my character is very modern, smart and sexy.

She seems to be hitting goals even now post her Chak De days. Rawat has many upcoming releases and even more strokes with Bollywood. BollySpice wishes this young and upcoming star hits and only hits as she takes her strikes towards becoming a successful actress in the film world!

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