“I wouldn’t die for work” – Sugandha Garg

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She is one newcomer of this year that simply can’t be missed. Despite being part of a of cast of many emerging young artists, Sugandha Garg definitely managed to demand your attention and appreciation in this year’s blockbuster Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na as the vibrant and bubbly Shaleen. Now with a determined frame of mind about her destination in the industry and with credible projects such as My Name is Khan in her bag, she’s raring to go! BollySpice caught up with this ball of talent before she takes off to the very top!

Firstly, was acting something you always wanted to do?

As often as you might have heard it, I didn’t always want to act. My original plan was to climb Mt. Everest which I’m still hoping to do.

How did you get selected for your role in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na?

Renuka, who played Mala in the film, is a friend of Abbas (the director) and told him that he should test me for the part.

The whole cast did a series of workshops before the film what was that experience like?

Seven days, six nights of getting to know each other… coffee, dinners, dancing, singing, reading scripts!

Were you nervous your first day on set? What was your first shot?

Not nervous but apprehensive. My first shot was all of us at PVR watching the film when Aditi is distracted, looking at Jai and Meghna.

What is your favourite scene from JTJYN?

Definitely when all of us are hanging out after ‘Pappu Can’t Dance’.

Jaane Tu was predominantly love orientated and of course friendship, but any thoughts on the fact that your character Shaleen was the only one left without a beau at the end of the film?

I thought about that too…

Did you ever feel like Imran and Genelia’s characters, being the ones with the most screen time, would overshadow the rest?

Abbas made sure that didn’t happen.

How do you feel your performance was in the film? Did your role and your input turn out as you imagined it would be on screen?

I’m too critical of my work. The first time I saw the film I was convinced I should move to another country! Maybe in time I’ll warm up to me on screen.

How do you feel the film turned out? Were you surprised at how well it did?

You’ll be surprised at how surprised I was! It was insanely incomprehensible to see people react like that. We had no idea while we were making it.

How have your friends and family reacted to your work and stardom?

They still call me Kuhu (my pet name) and still think I’m from another planet and will soon return to it.

What sort of roles would you like to take on next? Are you looking for lead roles or are you content with supporting ones?

Definitely leads only because in the Indian film format they equate to meatier characters.

Do you see career going in the more art house type film or the more commercial?

I see my career going in the film direction.

What film would you have loved to be in?

Rang De Basanti, Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron, Chupke Chupke and Maqbool

What do you feel about the use of playback singers in films?

It didn’t even occur to me that there was a way to make films without them.

Who would you just die to work with?

I wouldn’t die for work.

Any role you can’t see yourself doing?

Sorry, I have not given it any thought.

When will we be seeing you next on screen and in what avatar?

I’ve signed My Name is Khan for Dharma Productions and Man Who Shot to Fame for Walk Water Productions.

Well with such credible projects under her name and a movie like Jaane Tu to her credit, there isn’t much stopping this bundle of talent from truly emerging at the top! BollySpice wishes Sugandha all the very best and hopes to see her rocking again on screen very soon!

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