“I’d never want to be out of work,” says Arjun Kapoor

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arjunkapoorArjun Kapoor has said that despite coming from a wealthy background and being part of a film family, he would never want to be out of work. In an exclusive interview with Filmfare Magazine, the 29 year old actor spoke about work, family, as well as his struggles to shed the weight which he was once known for.

Speaking about his journey on going from fat to thin, Arjun said, “What I’ve gone through to lose this weight, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. So, if I were to see all the weight back on me, I would say screw it boss. I’d direct films and go back to eating.  Right now, I’m constantly looking at other people eating. And saying ‘no’ all the time gets to you some day. It’s the perks of being an actor that you’re being paid billion times more than those in the unit. So they can have Mathura ka peda and Agra ka petha and ice-creams and chocolates. But you’re supposed to behave yourself.”

Arjun has admitted that he now loves going to the gym and wouldn’t want it to be left out of his lifestyle.  “I’m pretty dedicated to the gym. I work out before going for shooting; I go after pack-up. I don’t miss it. When I’m not shooting I’m in the gym.”

Asked what’s the one thing he never want to be, Arjun responded, “Useless, jobless! I’d never want to be out of work. I’d never want to be just my father’s son.  I’d want to be more than that.”

Arjun also talked about being born with a silver spoon and said that he is not ashamed to be part of the Kapoor clan. His relatives include his father and producer Boney Kapoor, his uncles, actors Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Kapoor, as well as cousins Rhea Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor. “It wasn’t that I chose this,” says Arjun. “This was chosen for me. This is my destiny. So why think about it?  Or else, my life would have been different. I’ve never thought of it as my destiny neither do I shy away from it. I’m proud of this family and of this legacy, which I will carry forward.”

Arjun’s latest film Finding Fanny, where he will be seen paired opposite Deepika Padukone for the first time, is scheduled for release on 12 September!


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