“If you are a dance lover, you are going to enjoy this film” – Remo D’Souza

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ABCDpicWe bet you can guess which film the director/choreographer is talking about. If you said ABCD (Any Body Can Dance) you are right! India’s first 3D dance flick, the film boasts some of the best dancers in the world including Prabhu Deva, Indian dance reality show stars Dharmesh, Salman Yusuff Khan as well as Vrushali Chavan, Mayuresh Wadkar, Prince Gupta and from the US in her debut Bollywood film So You Think You Can Dance season 3 finalist and all star Lauren Gottlieb!

About the film, the director said in an interview with TOI, “Ever since I started dancing, I was pretty sure I would make a film on my love for dance. When the opportunity came, I grabbed it with both hands. This film has, quite literally, taken 19 years to be made. It hasn’t been easy because I didn’t have any big names, but that is how I wanted it to be. I was looking for someone to back the film and that is when UTV stepped into the picture. I wanted to make the film in 3D and that is an expensive affair, but the UTV team understood this and were more than willing to let me experiment.”

According to Remo if you love dance and/or are a dancer you are going to love ABCD. What is most interesting is that ABCD will showcase many different dance forms. “We are a country that loves dancing, be it on the streets, in the club, during festivities and even when India wins cricket matches. We connect while dancing and each one of us has an unique style of dancing.”

What unique style can we expect to see in ABCD? “Western contemporary, ballroom, pumping and hip-hop to Indian classical forms – mainly kathak, Indian folk, semi-classical and local street dancing that people do during festivities,” he revealed.

About the Dancemaster Prabhu Deva, Remo said, “I have Prabhu Deva who is class apart when it comes to dancing. I have idolised him for so many years. When I approached him for the film, he immediately said yes. He didn’t even read the entire script.” In fact, Remo says he would not have made ABCD if Prabhu Deva did not take the lead role.

As for the cast of young dancers he added, “I wanted to make the film with dancers. I had promised the kids on a reality show that I had judged that I would cast them in my film. They are all fantastic and share my passion for dance.”

So why should we watch ABCD? Remo answered that in a recent interview, “It will be absolutely different from any film ever made before revolving around the world of dance. I think everyone should watch this movie because it is my dream project. I can give you three reasons why you should watch this movie – there’s Prabhu Deva, it is 3D and you will see the best dancing talents in India in the movie. Watch it!”

Releasing on February 8th, you can listen to Remo and watch ABCD (Any Body Can Dance) when it make its turn into the theaters!

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