Ignorance toward regional cinema has to end – Siddharth

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Post the golden Bollywood debut in Rang De Basanti Siddharth left the audience hankering for more until recently when he came with a solo hero project titled Striker, which despite not wooing the box office tellers did demand the attention of critics and serious cine goers. Now the media flocks to the Southern hottie to ask about his aspirations in Bollywood and boy oh boy the actor has loads to say!

Firstly it seems the that one question every journalist seems to be throwing at him is, “What is your opinion of Southern actors in Bollywood?” Finally after having enough of this question the actor looses his patience. “It’s annoying when the national media only wants your opinion on one topic – about South heroes in Bollywood. Is there nothing else to ask?” the actor questions. “The media’s ignorance of regional cinema needs to end. They are feeding an unnecessary obsession with all things ‘Bollywood’. Enough!”

Secondly the actor went on to analyze the disrespect given to Southern talent in Hindi cinema which is one issue that has been eating him inside. “It’s about time South Indian stars got more respect than B grade Bollywood and C grade Hollywood celebs. I remember occasions where out of work American celebs were treated like gods, and senior South Indian stars were ignored.”

Many assumed he’d turn his back to regional cinema now that Hindi makers are flocking to his doorstep but the actor holds his ground. “I refuse to call one industry superior to the other, and assume that each industry is on specific rungs of power and aspiration. Every industry does and should have a specific identity. Every star earns his stardom. No language makes this stardom superior or inferior.”

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