IIFA Gives Chance of Lifetime to Lucky Aspiring Stars

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Karan Johar, Lara Dutta and Anil Kapoor have chosen the lucky guys and girls that are final ten contestants of the ‘Idea IIFA Star Ki Talash’ contest. Of the five men and five women, two will be chosen and will be groomed into a Bollywood star. They get an intensive makeover along the way with the help of Manish Malhotra, Anna Singh and many other experts and the idea is to give them the right exposure. With their new looks and wearing designs by Malhotra and Singh, they will walk the red carpet at the Yorkshire IIFA event chaperoned by Lara Dutta and Anil Kapoor.

Both Data and Kapoor looked through thousands of resumes to shortlist these ten. “The final ten contestants have a sense of humor and personality that sets them apart. They deserve to be here. I wish there were such opportunities in our time. This is a great chance for these people,” said Lara Dutta.

At the press conference in Mumbai with Dutta and Kapoor, Karan Johar who is also judging the final, two spoke about some essentials of being a star.

“You can almost tell when you sit across from someone if they can deliver the goods even on celluloid. There is something about them they exude a certain energy a certain x-factor.”

Lara Dutta added, “First and foremost you need to have a lot of confidence and believe in yourself more that anything else. That you know you possess something that somebody else does not have.”

“It is a combination of many things. More than anything else I think someone up there needs to bless you because there are billions of people all over the world and in India and only a few of them are chosen. So far these ten contestants have been selected purely by luck. Now the real test lies ahead when we have to select the final two,” said Anil Kapoor.

Besides the opportunity of walking the red carpet at IIFA the winners of the contest will get a chance to work in Bollywood.

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