IIFA, Raj and Pablo and the cool new digital platform Bollyverse!

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BollyverseWe have some very cool news to share! Bollyverse, a leading on-line digital platform to record and produce shows during the IIFA Weekend with celebrity hosts, Raj&Pablo, the Bollywood “IT” Boys.

Here are the details! Bollyverse and The International Indian Film Awards (IIFA) Weekend is proud to announce Bollyerse as the official digital partner of the 15th edition of the IIFA Weekend & Awards from April 24th – 26th in Tampa Florida. With the showmanship of international celebrity hosts, Raj and Pablo from the United Kingdom, Bollyverse will be creating several original shows during the course of the weekend that will be available on Bollyverse’s digital platform at www.bollyverse.com shortly after the IIFA Weekend.

With complete access to the IIFA Weekend, Bollyverse and Raj&Pablo will be hosting celebrities during the various major IIFA events, including, IIFA Rocks, “The Green Carpet”, and for the first time in the history of IIFA, from “The Back-stage”. While the IIFA experience is not available for live viewing, Bollyverse will show various aspects of the experience through its original programming and IIFA produced shows globally (with the exception of India) on both a subscription and pay-per-view by the middle of May 2014.

Sabbas Joseph, Director of Wizcraft, the owners of IIFA, said, “IIFA already reaches more than 800 million viewers across the world, this partnership with Bollyverse and its mobile and tablet application, will help us hopefully reach more than 1 billion people in 2014.”

Shekhar Purohit, CEO of Bollyverse, said, “We are proud to be associated with a global iconic platform like IIFA which represents the global Indian diaspora’s ability to celebrate the Indian Film Industry.” Mr. Purohit continued by suggesting, that “it is truly a honor that IIFA believed in our vision and digital platform to the extend that they are allowing us back-stage access. This speaks volumes to the level of comfort A-list celebrities with IIFA and Raj and Pablo.”

Raj&Pablo added, “We believe our Bollywood is going viral and digital, and believe in the vision and passion that Shekhar and Bollyverse represent, and are delighted to be back at IIFA in partnership with Bollyverse.”

Having made the initial introduction of Raj&Pablo to Bollyverse, Suchir Batra and Sriram Sunder Rajan, believe that the “this is the beginning and the future of the digital partnerships between emerging global Indian talent with an global digital platform like Bollyverse that “plays at the intersection of technology and content”.

Here’s more about the cool digital platform that will include not only a webpage but also an App available on Apple’s iOS, Android, Sony and Samsung!

BOLLYVERSE (“BV”) is poised to become the first on-line entertainment “marketplace” in building a vertically integrated business that creates and delivers Bollywood and Regional Indian General Entertainment Content (GEC) to living rooms and mobile platforms across the globe. It is a first mover in providing complete Asian-Indian “entertainment” experience, by capturing the untapped Indian Diaspora and Non Resident Indian (NRI) demand for Bollywood and regional Film & Television in Indian households. BOLLYVERSE will stream films, television shows, and provide a platform for aspiring creators to fund and proliferate develop original content. With a library of more than 3500 films in all major Indian languages, the Bollyverse app is available in 208 countries, across multiple platforms including Apple’s iOS, Android, Sony and Samsung. The Company is headquartered in Mumbai, with offices in Chennai, India and Chicago, IL.

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