Ileana D’Cruz doesn’t take risks in appearances

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13jun_IleanaDCruzEveryone has fashion fails and success’ after all, when you’re famous what you do to what you wear is noted and criticized. Whilst many may change it up and be spontaneous, Ileana D’Cruz doesn’t take risks when it comes to fashion. Always looking good the star likes to keep it simple and comfortable.

“I believe that you must be comfortable in what you are wearing. I like wearing something simple, not over the top and something which fits really well,” Ileana recently said in an interview.

She not only sticks to the basics when it comes to fashion but whilst juggling shoots for different things, Ileana sticks to a healthy diet as such a busy schedule takes the toll on her skin and hair. Good hair and skin boost self-confidence.

“I think whether we admit or not, the first thing that you notice is the face and hair. It is the way you carry yourself. If you have healthy hair, you will have self-confidence. Also, all women want to have fabulous hair,” she said.

She even acknowledges her own imperfections and says that “The amount of pressure people put in trying to make you look perfect…I believe, you find perfection in imperfection. I may not have a perfect face or perfectly aligned nose, but that is just the way you are.”

The fact that Ileana also promotes ads for Fair and Lovely, Clear and Electrolux make it clear as to why she doesn’t take risks in any part of her appearance. She explains how “The ad has come out beautifully. It is exactly what I expected it to be. Most of the people who are associated with the brand have put so much of trust in me to represent them. The ad showcases what they really want to say,”

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