Imaad Shah Making his Father Proud

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It cannot be easy living up to the career of Naseeruddin, but son Imaad Shah seems to flourish as a musician and actor in his own right. Imaad tells Sport2Day that his father’s standards can be quite demanding. However, with his career becoming more successful, it is apparent that those standards have done Imaad well.

“He (Naseeruddin) is quite a harsh critic with everybody and applies the same with me too[….] So, I always feel I have to meet the standards that he has set,” Imaad confesses.

They both have their criticisms of the Hindi film industry and are both choosy with their roles. However, Imaad Shah is defining is defining his stardom in different ways.

Most importantly Imaad sees change coming to Hindi films. “Even they (producers) realize that a standard formula no longer works, with films worth crores falling flat in empty theatres. And I think it’s largely happening due to the influx of young creative minds including filmmakers and music directors,” he says.

Of the young creative minds he mentions, Imaad’s is one of them. He will soon be working as the music director for Prawal Raman’s 404. With collaboration from his own band, The Pulp Society, Imaad is excited to see changes by “fusing different kind of sounds with Hindi film music,” he says. In true Naseeruddin fashion, this excitement, passion, and willingness to take risks will define his path towards success.

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