Imran Khan Adds Radio DJ to his CV!

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He can act, he can dance, he writes a brill column, he is a great interview subject, and now Imran Khan can add fab radio DJ to his CV. It all started on Twitter when popular Mumbai radio show host, blogger, and writer Miss Malini saw a tweet from Imran Khan that he listened to her radio show on 94.3 Radio One. She tweeted back, “what’s your fav song will play it tonight” He replied with a suggestion, (which I would tell you but you have to wait, watch and listen). I think Miss Malini is still in awe with what happened next. She asked Imran to be on her show for an hour and play his favorite songs, and he wrote, “that’s tempting… because I LOVE radio. Ok, I’m in”. In he was, and on Wednesday night, September 16th, Miss Malini’s show became Pirate Radio! For 3 hours, Imran was a guest on the show and they spun some of his favorite international songs. There was a funny incident with a contest and Imran’s t-shirt (No Allegiance – do I get a prize?), an explanation on why he wanted the show to be called Pirate Radio, some killer tunes, a sweet dedication, and, of course, Imran in all his smart, funny, totally cute best. The listeners of the show got a real treat, and it seems Imran is a natural at radio!

After the show she blogged, “Obviously I’ve had that girly crush on him since Jaane Tu … but tonight I got to spend three hours with a guy who’s totally passionate about English music; doesn’t mind talking about anything off the beaten track (the less cliche the better in fact) and is just a 100 percent interesting, (obviously cute), funny, friendly and basically a very REAL human being (not some fluffy film star, nope.) I’m OBVIOUSLY totally delighted to have met him, (So much so that I can’t seem to get a grip on those exclamation marks!) but DUDE the guy had zero DJ experience and was a TOTAL Pro.This is definitely going doing as one of the highlights of my life (and career!).”

If you want to see some pictures and the fab video footage shot during the show, (including that eyebrow raise) and even some bloopers, be sure and check out her youtube channel: missmalinivideos. Plus keep your eye on her blog, because she has promised to post the entire audio of the night! We know we can’t wait to hear it!

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