Imran Khan and Avantika name their daughter Imara

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Actor Imran Khan and wife Avantika Malik, who became the proud parents of a bay girl on the 9th of June, have named their little angel Imara Malik Khan.

It was Avantika who found the name. “It’s a Swahili name, which means strong and resolute. Avantika was doing all the work. Initially, I was quite hesitant because I felt it sounded like Imran, and it seemed egocentric. But then it came to a point where I didn’t like any other name”, says the proud dad.
Ever since he has become a father life has changed for Imran. “It feels different the second you see the baby. I just looked at Imara and I crumbled and fell. Had it been a boy, somewhere, I think I would’ve been okay. This is a father-daughter thing. I looked at her and I thought, my life is over now. All my life, I will be on my knees and running after her.”

Imran will take some time off work to spend time with his family. Also, in the future, he wants to fully experience fatherhood. “It’s something that I would want to be involved with fully. As I see it, I would take time off, I would be around and be a part of it, experience fatherhood first-hand rather than be running off to a film set and leaving the kid at home. That is the way I want to do it.”






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