“If I had my own way I would tell everybody don’t see any other movie this year apart from this” – Kareena and Imran talk Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

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If you loved director Punit Malhotra’s debut film I Hate Luv Storys (IHLS), which starred Imraan Khan and if you loved Ek Mein Aur Ekk Tu (EMEK), with both Imraan Khan and Kareena Kapoor, then chances are you are going to absolutely love Gori Tere Pyaar Mein (GTPM). We managed to briefly catch up with the lead stars while they were in London to talk about this year’s hottest rom-com. Check out what they had to say in this fun interview…

Welcome to London guys, you clearly seem to be enjoying yourselves, so would you mind sharing with our readers what you love about this city so much?

Imraan: I’ve had a colourful relationship with London. For many years I didn’t like it, that’s because an ex-girlfriend used to live here – you know who you are! After I got over that bitterness I realised it’s actually quite a lovely place. Now I just tend to make a trip here atleast once a year for a holiday. I like the fact that I can walk around, I can’t do that at home (Mumbai). Over here I can literally just step out and be anonymous.

Kareena: I think London’s home. It is for most British Indians, but for me too. I love the weather, the restaurants, the shopping, Hyde Park – it’s all just amazing.

So as we’re in central London, if you were to step outside right now and bump into a non-Desi, how would you get them to go see this film?

Kareena: That’s impossible! You would never find a non-Desi in central London! That’s just not London! (Laughs) You’d have to go to Notting Hill or Pimlico for that.

Completely fair comment, okay let’s say the Kings Road on Sloane Square then?

Imraan: I’d tell them it’s a lot of fun. GTPM and the director Puneet are all about having fun. That was his stated mission for IHLS and that’s his stated mission for GTPM. He’s not a complicated guy, he wants people to sing along to his songs, to want to dance, to laugh and walk out feeling it was time and money well spent.

Unfair question time: you both rocked in EMET and the trailers to GTMP look great. Which film is your favourite one?

Kareena: It’s really tough, but EMET was such a special film, but I don’t know, it’s really tough (to say).

Imraan: (interjects) But you like me more in this film, because I was more fun (laughs).

Kareena: Well I like you more you in this, so I don’t know…okay so fine GTMP!

Imraan: EMEK, because the character Rihanna was such a wonderfully layered character, there was so much going on and we got to do something that was unusual in Hindi films. Where the guy falls in love with the girl, but the girl for whatever reason doesn’t fall in love with the guy, but that’s alright.

Kareena: That never happens in a Hindi film!

Imraan: But it happens in real life and we don’t show it in films. Unfortunately thats the case, for whatever reason she doesn’t love you back and I like the fact we got to do that. She (Kareena) made the character honest and sympathetic.

GTPM is this year’s hottest Hindi rom-com and rom-coms are such a well established genre in Hollywood, so could you share your favourite Hollywood rom-coms with our readers?

Kareena: I liked when Harry met Sally, There’s something about Mary…there’s so many. There’s this Jennifer Aniston one I also really liked. Some of them are cheesy, but I’m a chick so I’m definitely going to like romantic comedies! Imraan’s answers are going to be more interesting.

Imraan: If we’re choosing cheesy rom coms, I liked One Fine Day, I think Clooney and Pfeifer went really well together. I know I’m going to get a lot of grief for this, but I liked Serendipity.

Kareena: You did! Wow, even I liked Serendipity – yea! By the way did you know I did I acted in a Hindi version of Serendipity?

Imraan: Well I wasn’t going to say, but yeah I know. I wasn’t going to bring that up, but you did!

Okay, second unfair question of the day. There’s lots of movies releasing this month, if I could afford just one ticket, which film should I watch and why?

Kareena: You just can’t ask us this question! Because there’s no way out!

Imraan: There are a lot of movies releasing this month and if I were to be completely unbiased I would have to choose GTMP. It’s clearly going to be the most fun. That’s entirely an unbiased opinion!

Kareena: If I had my own way I would tell everybody don’t see any other movie this year apart from this. But I know that’s not going to happen!

Imraan: (Interjects) Probably because it’s going to be the most fun. Again this is a neutral opinion!

Kareena: Yeah exactly, entertainment and fun, what more can we ask for? So definitely GTPM!

Ending on a lighter note, you both love London for various reasons. So if you had an afternoon free what would you go out and see?

Imraan: I’ve never been big on theatre, my mind is very cinematic. Everytime I’m in the theatre I keep thinking: I wish we could cut to this angle, I wish we could see an insert, I wish I could see an over-the-shoulder shot, this part could be edited out and we just cut to the next location. So theatre just doesn’t work for me. (Confesses) As for films…um…I don’t actually know what’s showing!

Kareena: I love the Westend, we do go and watch a lot of theatre. Saif (Ali Khan) kind of leaves during the interval and I go and meet him after that somewhere at the pub, because he’s just falling asleep. But I want to see David Suchet because I’m a big fan of his.

Thanks guys, lovely catching up with both and we wish you all the very best for the film.

Imraan and Kareena: (Jointly) Thanks BollySpice!
Check out this fun video to see the stars in action answering our questions!

So there we have it guys, we hope they’ve given you enough reasons to go watch GTPM when it releases worldwide on Friday 22nd November. Just as they’ve both said, it will be fun and entertaining and is clearly the only film to watch this month!






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