Imran Khan’s thought provoking video on Section 377

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Homosexuality is hugely misunderstood within South Asian society. Not only that, with Section 377 re-implemented in India, homosexuality is now also a “criminal” offence in India. As you probably have guessed Section 377 has attracted many opinions and sentiments.

Some have argued that homosexuality is “un-natural”, a “disease”, not a part of “Indian culture” – therefore supporting the re-criminalisation as just.

Others have argued against Section 377, speaking up for sexuality as love, as natural, for the personal freedom of an individual’s right to be whom they are without fear.

Perhaps most importantly, Section 377 has made the root cause of the re-criminalisation and homophobia apparent: the misunderstandings surrounding homosexuality.

Speaking up against homophobia and the ridiculous misunderstandings, Bollywood’s Imran Khan recently collaborated with “All India Back**d” (AIB) to make an inspirational, powerful, humorous and thought provoking video.

The AIB, a city based comedy-collective is run by stand-up comedians Tanmay Bhat, Gursimran Khamba, Ashish Shakya and Rohan Joshi.

Imran Khan tackles the questions and misassumptions that sadly, are making love a criminal offence: Why do these gay people choose to be gay? I heard AIDS was invented by gay people- is it true? Being gay is against Indian culture? Oh and the one that we all have wondered… “How do gay people have coffee?”
And more!

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