Imran plays a diehard SRK fan in Break Ke Baad

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Did you know that Imran Khan plays a diehard Shah Rukh fan in his forthcoming Break Ke Baad directed by Danish Aslam? This is interesting because of the fact that Imran is related to Aamir Khan and is a real-life fan of Salman Khan two people who love to hate King Khan.

However, Aamir was the first choice to play the role IK’s character hero-worships in the film.

Kunal Kohli admits as much but adds, “But then, the whole mama-bhanja relationship would’ve got in the way of the character and the storytelling. Audiences would get distracted and would’ve have giggled every time Imran made an Aamir reference.” Kunal and his director Danish dropped the Aamir angle from Break Ke Baad.

Says Kunal, “Aamir and Shah Rukh are both iconic heroes for the generation that Imran and Deepika represent. They’re influenced by him and his films as anyone who grew up watching SRK films. Shah Rukh’s Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai are the ultimate romantic films for the current generation, just like Rishi Kapoor and Bobby were for mine.”

Imran not only uses SRK’s references to make his point, he also has a sequence where he does a take-off on King Khan. Laughs Kohli, “That’s right. Imran does the Main Hoon Na signature hand-over-head movement, with his arms languidly spread out in an ardent expression of love, a la Shah Rukh. It’s a signature SRK pose. And Imran did it effortlessly.”

If that was not enough, Deepika also plays a wannabe actress, who also makes SRK references.

Break Ke Baad hits theaters in the US on November 24th and worldwide on November 26th!

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