Imran Supports PETA!!

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If he wasn’t charming enough already, now Imran Khan is supporting PETA for stray dog adoption. Everyone has their cause and Imran’s began with Tony, his recently deceased dog. Khan took in the stray and now strongly advocates adoption over buying a pet. “The fact is that there are dogs and cats and all kinds of animals roaming around the streets. Very often people buy dogs and cats. They see them as toys or as fashion accessories. They get bored of them and they throw them out of the house. That’s a very horrible thing to do,” Khan tells sources.

While a noble cause in and of itself, Khan has taken this cause to People Magazine. Posing with Tony, Imran hopes to inspire people to get some of the strays off the street and into good homes.

Of course he is hard at work in Bollywood as well. He has a humble attitude about his own work but he has no problem praising his fellow actors. Recently he was quoted saying, “Ranbir is a better actor than I am. He’s a damn good actor.” About Kareena, who is he starring opposite in Short Term Shaadi he says, “She is a fantastic actress. She is my personal favourite. I just forget my dialogues in front of her probably because I’m her fan.” And he says nothing less about Katrina Kaif and her work in their YRF film Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, “I haven’t seen anyone more focused than her. I respect her professional attitude.”

Imran is a hot celebrity right now and even more so for his altruistic and humbling attitude. He has Delhi Bell coming out in July and the two others currently in the works: Mera Brother Ki Dulhan and Short Term Shaadi. Perhaps it is his handsome face or his youthful attitude, but we would bet that much of his stardom comes from his sincerity and genuine kindness.

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