Inaamulhaq: “I don’t act, I create characters and live them on screen”

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12 years, 10 films and an array of characters, Inaamulhaq has always surprised the audience every single time. He started his acting career in 2009 with FIRAAQ then 5 years later came FILMISTAAN followed by AIRLIFT, JOLLY LLB 2, LUCKNOW CENTRAL, NAKKASH, PAGALPANTI and Sony LIV’s web show MAHARANI. In ‘Mere Desh Ki Dharti’ directed Faraz Haider , which released on 6th May, 2022, he’s seen in a comic role, a genre that has been his forte is winning him acclaims.

“There has always been a conscious effort for delivering something better and something different every time” he says. “Though, I am trained from National School of Drama, but I believe in un-learning and learning from the scratch. For every character I have always tried to evolve a different approach every time. Settling down on ordinary will be the end for me as an artist. Moreover, we the actors are the only professionals who are blessed to live many lives in a single life span. I take my blessing seriously and try not to act but create characters and live them on screen.”

When asked why we don’t see him much on screen, though a lot of them wait to his next move, he says, “Yes, I most definitely want to do a lot more work and I won’t deny that a lot of work does come to me but somehow, I have not been able to say YES to work that doesn’t really excite me, good scripts have always been the main reason for the wait. Also, I have to decline work that’s repetitive and in the same space as my last film. I hope I never get type cast.”

Explaining further Inaamulhaq adds, “And secondly, I feel that I am the director’s choice only. As per my experience so far, it’s only the directors not the casting directors who have the vision and generally think out of the box enough to cast me in unusual role. So, I have to wait for that eureka moment when a visionary director thinks of me in some really unexpected role. And when it happens well then, it’s Eid and Diwali together! I celebrate it with pride because it is the result of my talent that adds value to my characters and not the result of pleasing someone. All I can say, is that I am here to work, not to please anybody, I am very easy to approach, a little difficult to deal, and finally amazing to work with. When I say a little difficult to deal, I mean I believe in working on a few of my conditions which are surly not unreasonable to anybody, I can guarantee!”

Talking about the recent scenario of OTT platforms he shares, “I am a cinema person and I believe nothing can replace the magic of big screen and community watching. Even for my recent release of ‘Mere Desh Ki Dharti’ the team has waited for more than two years to get this film a theatrical release. Please don’t let your movie experience compromise. Go watch it in Cinemas”, he appeals with folded hands and signs off with a smile.

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