Indian Ocean To Compose For Sudhir Mishra

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Who has not heard of the outstanding band, Indian Ocean? They are the pioneers of fusion rock genre in India and besides their albums, we also heard their outstanding compositions on movie projects as well including 2009’s Peepli Live. Now two members from the band Rahul Ram and Amit Kilam are all set to compose for Sudhir Mishra’s The Clean Up, which is a short film for Large Short film.

The film stars Chirtrangada and Sushant Singh as the leads in the short. Sudhir Mishra hopes to recreate the magic of the 70mm on a tiny screen with this film. It is said that the director rejected almost 12 scripts before he zeroed in on the perfect story for the Large Short film.

As for Large Short films, it is a large collaborative feature film. 12 directors from 12 cities will make 12 short films of 10 minutes each. These films will be merged to make one single 120-minute feature film, which will be released on December 2012. Unlike other short film projects, Large Short Films will be a continuous project.

Stay tuned we will have more about this cool project!

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