Inside the Bollywood Awards

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The Star Studded Bollywood Awards were held this past May 26th, 2007 in Uniondale, New York. Typically, the show started late but ended on time. It was a sold out Coliseum of 10,000 wild fans that were going absolutely nuts with each act. Our correspondent takes you backstage, dishing the dirt on the stars.

The highlights of the evening were of course none other than Bipasha Basu. What a tremendous personality! Her charisma was beaming to the last row and people loved every step she made. She was rocking it…drenched in perspiration, she worked that crowd like there was no tomorrow.

Arjun Rampal was having some kind of a tantrum backstage when there was an error in his award presenter stint. He should really calm down…and stop being such a big Divo! It’s a live show and sometimes things don’t go like they are suppose to…it’s called ‘IMROVISE’ ARJUN!!!

Kangna Ranaut really surprised a whole bunch of us. With her songs from Gangster and Woh Lamhe re-recorded in a female voice, she was excellent on stage. She was very polished and was received very warmly by the young crowd. Backstage we were able to speak with her and she impressed us with her warmth. Kangna is very soft-spoken, feminine, and a warm-hearted young girl. We sensed a bit of sadness in those eyes, but we think it’s because she is a long way from home. Perhaps she should consider traveling with some family members to keep it real. She is too young to be alone especially in SIN CITY, New York! We hope that she signs new films, especially lighter and funny ones. By the looks of her performance in Shakalaka Boom Boom her comedic timing is not too shabby!

Vivek Oberoi made an impressive appearance as well. After a year of not working, he made a splash at the awards ceremony. What a crowd pleaser! He’s filled with energy and always accommodating to the press. It seemed that his energy was overflowing on stage and off stage. Again, we were back stage and managed a small interview where he spoke of the process of acting, his charitable affiliations, and his current project which is a super hit. There is no stopping this great entertainer. Vivek Oberoi is one of the most honest and refreshing personalities that we have met so far and we wish him all the best. As far as a new love? The answer was…none at the present moment. After the awards he was flying home and going for a holiday with his family and taking sometime off again.

Upen Patel is so damn cute! We managed to have some drinks with the dude the night before and had an absolute blast riding around and finding clubs to go to. Upen spoke of his affiliation with an animal charity, his next endeavors, and of course, girls! When Upen walked down the streets he was instantly recognized. Photos flashing every second and women melting to his infectious charm.

All in all, the Bollywood Awards were very rocking thanks to promoter Mr. Kamal Dandona who also manages the Fashion and Music awards as well. We totally recommend this event for next year to anyone that is an aficionado of Bollywood and Bollywood superstars!

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