Interview with Imran Khan – Part Deux

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Those who know young film star Imran Khan, know he is not only a great actor, but also a great person. To those who don’t, I’d suggest reading his column in Hindustan Times as you will soon realise that he is one of the good people and that many of his posts are thought provoking as well as aimed to make the world a better place. In one he said, “Love and understanding are common themes in my columns because these are things I feel strongly about”. His fans and those who read his column know that he takes the time to really answer their questions. I have to admit that even though I am a journalist, I am also a fan, which pretty much makes my job perfect for me. Right before Luck released, I had the opportunity to interview Imran and it was a great experience. Sadly, we ran out of time before I got through all of my questions. Imran graciously offered to answer them if I sent them his way. I was so excited to see that he did in fact reply and his answers were as amazing as ever. So, without further ado, I present the Interview with Imran Khan – Part Deux which I know you will enjoy reading!

(Read the original interview here, if you haven’t already)

Are you a superstitious person? Do you have any lucky charms?

I’m not a superstitious person, nor do I have any lucky charms. That being said, I still don’t walk under ladders. It just seems like a bad idea.

Do you find it harder to dance or do the fight scenes?

Dancing and fight scenes are both tricky in different ways; in a fight, your footwork and movements don’t have to be perfect, it makes it look more realistic. While dancing, you need to get the movements perfect, and have the correct expressions on your face… dancing’s probably tougher.

Are you nervous before a film opens?

I find myself nervous before a release nowadays. During JT I wasn’t, but starting with Kidnap, it began. AK tells me that he’s still terrified before every release of his, and that it never goes away. How nice to know that I have that to look forward to.

What have learned during your time so far in the industry?

What have I learned… I honestly don’t know for certain, because I’m still at a stage where I’m doing rethinks; Six months ago I may have had a certain point of view which is now different, so it’s kind of ongoing. The thing I know for certain I’ve learned is how to interact with crowds. I’m totally at ease in front of a large audience, and I can keep them all entertained. Of course, I haven’t tried it with an arena full of people yet… Let’s see how that works out.

What makes you a good actor?

I don’t honestly think I’m a very good actor. I think I have moments where I do something decently, but it’s not yet something I have control over; I can’t summon it up at will, which is crucial for a real actor. You can’t just rely on chance.

What is next for you?

Next up is Delhi Belly. Post production is in full swing, and it’s looking very promising. I think Delhi Belly is going to be a film we will all be very proud of. I’m starting work on Punit’s ‘I Hate Luv Storys’ right now, which is going well so far. But it’s early, we haven’t had time for things to go wrong yet.

Rapid Fire:

Books you are currently reading?

I just finished reading a P.G. Wodehouse book called ‘Full Moon’. The man is hilarious, really.

A song you are hooked on?

Right now, I’m listening to ‘Yeh Dooriyan’ from Love Aaj Kal and ‘Pehli Baar Mohabbat Ki Hai’ from Kaminey a lot. I think they’re both really beautiful songs

Last movie you saw and really enjoyed?

The last film I saw and enjoyed was Public Enemies. Michael Mann was in top form.

You seem to have a very eclectic t-shirt collection. Would you describe your fav?

I love quirky t-shirts, and it’s really hard to pick a favourite… these days I’m wearing my black Beatles ‘Abbey Road’ t-shirt on pretty high rotation.

Actress or Actor you would love to work with.

I can’t say I want to work with Kareena anymore, because too much gets read into it. Priyanka really blew my mind in Kaminey, I’d love to work with her.

Director you admire and would like to emulate one day.

Michael Mann is probably my favourite director. I really like the style he brings to his films.

You mentioned that you connect more with younger directors, and we seem to have a great rush of new and young directors now. Anyone specific you are really looking forward to working with?

There’s a lot of young directors doing some really great work… Imtiaz Ali is great, I think he’s probably at the top of every actor’s wish list right now.

Much thanks to Imran for taking the time to answer these questions! Keep your eye on this young man because he is going to go far! We wish him the best of luck in everything and are eagerly awaiting his next film on the silver screen!

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