Introducing Gen-X India: Vikas Mahendroo

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Vikas Mahendroo is a newbie in the modeling industry, but in a short span of time he has managed to do India proud. Born and bred in Delhi, he moved to Los Angeles and became a successful manager at a car dealership after doing some globe-trotting in Europe. However, destiny had other things planned for this handsome hunk. He soon entered the annual Mr. Globe competition which won him great accolades. With so much to offer and do, BollySpice spoke to the new kid on block to talk pageants, modeling, aspirations, life and of course, Bollywood.

From a Mr. Globe 2008 to entering Mr. International 2008, it’s been quite an eventful year. Tell us how it all began.

It was an eventful year; I came across South Asia Inc. on a website, and decided to compete in the Mr. India/America 2008 competition. I always wanted to be a model or an actor but never did anything about it up until that point. I got picked for the pageant and was awarded the Mr. Photogenic prize. It was great fun and I made a lot of friends. Going to Mr. International was like a dream come true and to represent my country on international level really felt great. It all worked out for itself, from Mr. Globe to Mr. International.

What were some of the questions you were asked at the pageant? Any that stumped you?

The question was: “If you could bring one dead person back to life who would it be and why?” My answer was my father. I am who I am I because of him. I learnt right and wrong, good and bad, everything in life from him. I think I could have still learned a lot more from him. He was, is and always will be my mentor. I want to do more for him. I hope I will get another chance to show how much I care for and love him. So if I could bring any one dead person back to life, it will be my father.

Another question which stumped me was: “If you have to kill a new born child to save the world from a possible disaster, would you? Why or why not.” I seriously couldn’t answer that one!

How did you get ready to participate at the pageants?

Getting ready for pageant is different for everyone. For me, making sure I am in shape, going to gym, work outs, eating right, being positive and bright are key. I think I like being myself, and not put too much pressure on myself.

Was becoming a successful pageant winner a part of your agenda?

I never ever worry about the results. We, as humans, can’t control the results but can certainly control the effort. I give my 100% in everything I do. Being myself, confident and proud of whom I am, where I am from are just some ways to stay on track. I have never cared or worried about winning. If I deserve to win, then I will win. Just being out there, giving my 100%, making my presence felt, enjoying the experience is all I ever cared about.

Did you ever imagine growing up that you would be an internationally famous model and win Mr. Globe?

I always wanted to be a model or an actor and I feel very fortunate to be able to live my dream. I’ve been very lucky in this aspect. God has been very great to me. For me to represent India at an International stage is a feeling hard to put into words. Hopefully I can do my country proud.

What is one thing you have learnt from all the recent events that have occurred in your life?

One thing I have learnt is that “Life is an opportunity.” It is okay to try and fail rather than not trying at all. It is also okay to fail and learn from your shortcomings and be a better person next time. Try, give it all you have and don’t worry about the results.

What is the hardest thing about being a model?

It all depends on how you look at it. If you view it as a job, then it’s really hard. But if you love to be a model then everything associated with it is fun. I guess keeping a strict diet so that you’re in shape would be another hard part. Also waiting for the right opportunity can be frustrating sometimes. Rejections are a part and parcel of this industry; it can be tough sometimes to deal with it. But when you know what you have to offer, you just have to wait for the right person to see your talent.

What’s next for you? More modeling? Acting?

I’m trying to get into Mr. Universe Model Pageant 2009 in Dominican Republic which happens in April 2009. As far as acting is concerned, I would love to if I get an opportunity.

Is it hard to make it in the modeling world?

Yes, it is very hard work to get into modeling/acting business. The opportunity is great but with it comes manipulation. But I’m sure if you are hard working and deserving you can make it through. It all depends on how badly you want to succeed.

What do you like to do besides modeling?

I love all kinds of sports: tennis, cricket, volleyball; working out, movies, music, sleeping, making someone smile, doing things for people to make their day better makes me feel the best.

Do you see this as a stepping stone to another career? What would that be?

Yes! Sure I think this is a stepping stone to another career. Even though it’s kind of early, but I do think there is a lot I can do in this industry. I am a creative person, and this gives me an incredible opportunity to express myself and be creative.

Is Bollywood something you are interested in?

Sure thing, if the opportunity comes along Bollywood is great! I’ve grown up watching Bollywood movies.

What advice would you give someone trying to break into the modeling world?

I’m pretty new in this field myself. All I could tell someone who is trying to break into modeling world is believe in yourself, always be positive. If you give your 100% and you are deserving, it’s a matter of time before you’ll make it big.

Give us some good grooming tips.

Mannerisms, being true to others and yourself. In other words being yourself, positive, friendly. It’s all about being a people person and being social.

What to you defines style?

Style to me is being yourself. Whatever you feel comfortable in, and what ever brings the best out you. It could be a simple pair of jeans and if that is what brings out your best then that’s what style is.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Five years from now, I’ll be five years older for sure! I’ve always wanted to be a director. I’m positive I’ll make some steps towards being a director. God willing I’ll be there five years from now.

What inspires you? What do you hate?

My family is my inspiration. I want to do everything for my loved ones. My late father is my biggest inspiration. He is not here with me but I’m sure he’s watching. I just want to make him proud in whatever I do. Kids also inspire me – they are always happy, positive, pure, and innocent. I wish I could be like them with my thought process. I wish I could love everyone I know and wouldn’t know the meaning of bad, sad, hate, angry. I’m a very positive person so anything which has a sense of being positive inspires me. It could be anything. A good example is like Aamir Khan who even at this age can get in amazing shape. Now that’s a great achievement. It inspires me to do the same – if he can do it, I can do it as well.

What movie do you love? Song? Book?

I simply love movies! There is so much you can learn from them. I have a list of favorites: Vicky Cristina, Barcelona,The Notebook, Taare Zameen Par, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na are just a few – there are so many more! I recently watched Slumdog Millionaire, I think its a great movie too.

Knowing what you know now would you still follow this same path? Do you think you will say that when you look back on this in 10 years?

Yes, absolutely! Knowing what I know, after seeing the immense amount of opportunities in this field, I would definitely pursue the same path. I’m sure in 10 years I’ll be happy and content with my decision. I’m confident that with hard work, dedication and God’s grace, I’ll make it big in this industry, I will!

What is your favorite thing in the whole world?

My favorite thing in this world is smile on a child’s face. I absolutely love kids – I adore them and a smile on their faces is always real and innocent. For a moment you forget all your stress, all your worries, all the negatives in this world. It gives me warm and positive energy. They are not selfish or corrupted or biased like us adults. I wish all adults had the heart of a child; this world would be a perfect place to live. No one would ever hurt anyone.

What is your message to the world?

I’m doing this to grow as a person, learn more, and with experience I will be able to spread the message of peace and love. If only we could live in peace and harmony, life would be so much better. Life is a blessing; it has so much to offer that one lifetime doesn’t seem to be enough to experience it all. How could people have time to hate, be negative and fight? Live your life in a righteous way. Don’t do it to others if you don’t want others to do it to you.

Vikas has managed to make it to the upcoming Mr. Universe Model Pageant 2009. We know he will do India proud and we wish him well in his upcoming endeavors. He is definitely one to watch out for, and remember when he does become famous, you heard it here first, your favorite Bollywood site, BollySpice!

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