Irrfan and Divya have Clothed Sex

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Irrfan Khan and Divya Dutta may have been uncomfortable when director Jennifer Lynch of the upcoming Hollywood flick Hissss, informed them of a love-making scene which required them to get real and strip down to the bare, but being the professionals that they are, they knew they would have to take the plunge. “I had absolutely no problem when my director Jennifer Lynch said I would have to take off all my clothes for a lovemaking scene with Divya Dutta, who plays my wife. But I suddenly thought that Indian couples make love with their clothes on and I conveyed the same to Jennifer,” explained Khan.

The actor explained to his director how the culture is much more conservative and sex happens with clothes. The director was confused until Khan gave her the example of how he and Tabu indulged in some clothed “violent” sex in The Namesake. Lynch was unconvinced. Khan then went on to explain his character furthermore. He claimed that his character, an orthodox Brahmin, who had a sneaky mother-in-law would hardly take a risk, “Given the circumstances, my character and his wife would hardly be expected to take off their clothes. And that convinced Jennifer.”

Most happy with the outcome was co-star Divya Dutta who was hoping Khan would be able to convince Lynch, “She was waiting with bated breath to see if I could manage to convince Jennifer. Once everything was sorted out, our lovemaking scene lasted for about an hour.”

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