Irrfan Khan with Natalie Portman and Mira Nair

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Irrfan Khan is one of Bollywood’s best actors who has also made his mark outside of the Hindi film industry. His performance in Mira Nair’s The Namesake was applauded by all. About Nair, Khan said that “After The Namesake, I was sure we would do something special again.” Now the actor has said no to one project for the director but said yes to another.

The project he said no to, was for a set of short films that also starred Konkona Sen Sharma. Khan explained to IANS, “I first said yes to her. But then when I read the script I begged off. This was a series of short films for Cannes. I didn’t want to go in that space of marital discords. I’ve had more than my share of these tales of the marital journey. I opted out.”

However, he did say yes to the film, Kosher Vegetarian which co-stars Hollywood actress Natalie Portman. About the film he said, “We shot at one stretch. It’s about two strangers meeting in unusual circumstances. Natalie Portman is about to get married. I play this Gujarati diamond merchant whose wife has become a sanyasini (sage). His dilemma is that she used to be his wife and now he has to worship her. Given the circumstances, their encounter is quite something.”

A brilliant actress in her own right Irrfan enjoyed playing opposite her, “ Natalie looks very young. But she has been acting as a child. A truly wonderful actress. I enjoyed working with her.”

When asked: “So how different was it working with a Caucasian actress for the first time?” Irrfan replied: “The colour of the skin makes no difference. Whether it was Tabu or Natalie, actors all over the world are linked by a common craving. We’re all looking for challenges and glory.”

Finally, about working with Nair he said, “After The Namesake I’ve become an ardent fan of Mira the moviemaker and the person. Some things just happen. Doing The Namesake, I never thought it’d turn out this way. The pleasure of watching it is unbelievable. After Monsoon Wedding I was foolish enough to think Mira can’t take it any further. In The Namesake she took her art to another level.”

We will keep you updated on all the Kosher Vegetarian news so check back often!

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