Is Aamir Khan emotionally involved?

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Aamir Khan is often, perhaps unfairly, described as a control freak when it comes to the making of his movies. There’s no doubt that he does his very best in every aspect of his performance and the overall production values of his creation. “I’m very emotionally involved with my films,” he admits, “If ever I have to face a failure, I’d like to take full responsibility for it. Even the failure is mine, I like to value my flops and hold them close to me. I like to mourn my failure and try to learn from it.”

Inevitably, Aamir gets compared with SRK, the other colossus on the current Bollywood stage but he refuses to get drawn into the media image of the two of them being bitter enemies – rivals yes, but enemies no. “I have no hesitation in saying that I’m charmed by SRK,” he admits, “It’s just that the media takes an extreme stand; it pits us as either enemies or as best friends. As for all our back-and-forth talks, it just shows that both of us have a good sense of humour!”

Meanwhile, Aamir is feeling hugely grateful towards his fans for the enormous success of Ghajini, which has now collected 170 crores worldwide. “I’m very happy and thankful that the film is being appreciated by the audience so much,” he confirms, “The hard work put in by the entire team is being appreciated by the people.”

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