Is Aamir’s Marriage Over?

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There has been news picking up of late that Aamir Khan’s marriage with Kiran Rao has come to an end. Much like Saif Ali Khan’s breakup with his ex-girlfriend Rosa, it is speculated that the cause of the alleged split is, Kiran wanted to make a career of her own, which Aamir was not too fond of letting happen. He wanted her to be a part of his home production Tare Zameen Pe, just so she can have some work. But he did not want to let her venture out on a career of her own.

The word right now is the two are separated and trying to work out their issues. If this story does turn out to be true, then it will be Aamir’s second failed marriage after he divorced childhood sweetheart Reena Dutta. The two had two children together before Aamir met Kiran on the sets of Lagaan and their romance blossomed from there, while the marriage with Reena wilted shortly thereafter. There was also a rumor out there a while back after his divorce that Aamir had a child with a white journalist from England. Aamir denies this allegation.

A man mostly known for his work on screen, it is a shame to hear such news about him repeatedly off screen. Point to be noted, this news is still mere speculation and no one has denied or confirmed these reports. We wish Aamir and Kiran the best and hope all is fine between them.

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