Is Shahid hiking his price?

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Shahid Kapoor has been linked up in the press with everyone from Vidya Balan to Anushka Sharma but how much truth is behind these link ups? The Khaleej Times alleges that Kareena Kapoor has been planting items about Shahid in”the press. Says journalist Khalid Mohamed, “Now with Saif Ali Khan by her side, she [Kareena] lies through her teeth. She will plant stories about her ex-flame in the press and Khan will describe her as an ‘unstable person’ behind her back.”

Despite the rumors of false rumors, one thing is certain; Shahid is enjoying his new status as a Bollywood icon. The success of Kaminey, and the positive reviews that Shahid received for his double role, must be making him very happy. So much so that it’s rumored that the former chocolate boy asked Subash Ghai for 15 crores to star in his next film! To put that in perspective, box-office powerhouse Akshay Kumar charges 16-17 crores, artistic auter Aamir Khan charges 14 crores, and Shahrukh Khan, arguably the biggest star in India, charges 12 crores.

So, does the success of Jab We Met and Kaminey put Shahid Kapoor in the realm of big earners? Is this one of Bebo’s rumors? And we can’t forget the possibility that Shahid might just want to avoid starring in the next Yuuvvraj.

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