Ishqiya Hits Another Censor Roadblock

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When Vishal Bharadwaj makes a movie you can expect plenty of curse words in the actual dialogue. If Omkara set the standards while it exploited the ‘beep’ to the maximum, then Abhishek Chaubey, director of Ishqiya (a film obviously produced by Vishal Bharadwaj along with Raman Maroo), is all set to reach a new level of ‘beeps’ per dialogue. Because of this, Vishal once again finds himself at the loggerheads with the Censor Board over the movie promos. The filmmakers will have to change some of the dialogues (and add more ‘beeps’) to get a U/A certificate.

The particular 90 second long promo had a dialogue which went like this: “Naadi tale h**** aur peepal tale p****”, to which the censor gave an A certificate. The producers and the cast and crew have come together to shoot the promo again with the required changes to get a U/A certificate, and the dialogue has now been changed to “naadi tale khayenge aur peepal tale piyenge.”

The movie stars Arshad Warsi, Naseeruddin Shah and Vidya Balan in lead roles. Director Abhishek Chaubey is better known as Vishal’s assistant in his previous projects. The movie that is based on the story of two thieves falling in love with a widow is all set for release on the 29th January 2010.

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