It all adds up for Gul Panag

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Maths graduate with a Masters in Political Science, Gul Panag, has calculated each step of her career successfully. The former Miss India appeared in the excellent and under-rated Manorama Six Feet Under. More recently, her CV includes Hello, Summer 2007 and Hello Darling.

The talented actress whose new short crop reflects the current trend is a fitness fan and admits to having a bikini in her wardrobe. “I train hard and yes, I run for about six kms a day and I do like to get into my bikini and swim a lot in the pool,” she says.

The racy Gul also recently had a tattoo added in Las Vegas. “I saw so many tattoos around me at the time that this is all I could decide on. It is small and sweet and I love it,” she explains.

Although conscious of her good looks, she says it’s not what motivates her in choosing a role. “I certainly don’t look for glamour in a role because I am not insecure about the way I look. I don’t have to look good on camera to feel good about myself. If I look good, it’s a bonus, but when it comes to choosing scripts, it has to excite me for me to sign on,”

Gul’s expecting her profile to rise when the long-awaited Hello is released. “Hello is based on the book One Night At A Call Centre. I play Priyanka, who is very glamourous and a self-assured young woman, and who uses her looks to her advantage.”

Has she been happy with the way her career is progressing? “Fortunately, each of my films has got me appreciation, and it has always been a step forward from the previous one. Dhoop was hailed as a very good debut, Dor went a notch higher, my performance in Manorama Six Feet Under was much better. I have had very kind words said to me about Summer 2007, despite the movie not doing well at the box office,” she proclaims.

Gul is currently shooting A Rectangular Love Story directed by Rajat Kapur and with Ranvir Shorey. “Rajat is such a different kind of director to work with. The film is a nice breezy romantic comedy and a unique experience for me,” she concludes.

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