It’s all glitter and gold for Sameera Reddy

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Top Indian diamond merchants and jewelers, Gitanjali, have chosen Sameera Reddy to be their brand ambassador for their latest range of gold and cubic zirconia (CZ) jewelery. Called Rivaaz, the line consists of rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces and bangles priced up to R12,000 a piece.

Sameera was recently diagnosed with somnambulism and confessed that she sleepwalks with her eyes open. Her parents are so concerned that they have put grills on the windows of her apartment as she lives on the ninth floor. The most common cause of sleepwalking is stress and episodes can last from a few seconds to up to thirty minutes. People have even been registered as driving their car in a sleepwalking state!

Socially-aware Sameera works with her mother and NGOs in Mumbai to provide homes and education for street children. Sameera was recently thrilled to open a shelter for some children in Goregaon East, for which she’d raised the money herself. “I appealed to everyone to chip in and within a week, managed to raise Rs. 25 lakh,” she said. “I was overwhelmed. Even my lift man offered to help.”

Sameera, who first caught our attention in Darna Mana Hai, has also made strong appearances in No Entry and of course, the mega-hit, Race. She was also in the recent release One Two Three and will soon be seen in Red Alert opposite Sunil Shetty.

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