“It’s given me a new lease on life” – Adnan Sami

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Adnan Sami one of Bollywood’s greatest musicians, composers, and singers has lost over 100kg and says it has changed his life. He once weighed over 200kg (441lb) and looking at him now it is hard to believe he is the same person.

Sami, who is only 34, began to work on shedding the pounds after he was warned by his doctors that if he did not, he would die. It also took his father saying to him that he did not want to attend his son’s funeral. At his highest weight he had to use a cane or even a wheelchair to get around and sometimes he was not able to lie down to sleep.

Slowly over a year the weight came off and now he is rejuvenated. Sami said, “It has given me a new lease of life, there is so much more I can do today. I was laughing when I got to know that I will have to stand and walk on the sets. I could not have done that earlier.”

With him looking so fabulous, it was only a matter of time before Bollywood came knocking on his door to sign him to films as an actor. He has had several offers but no word yet on whether he has accepted any of them. He did say that his weight loss was not because of a desire to get into movies, “I lost weight not for Bollywood, but to get my life back in order and my health is back in order,” he said.

Everyone is thrilled to see this talented man looking so good and we cannot wait to see where this “new lease on life” will take him!

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