“I’ve always loved dancing. It’s been in my every breath.” – Salman Khan

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In the world of cinema where anything is possible we often witness our film’s lead character rising from a crowd of millions and soaring his way to the top. However, this story is rarely one that we can witness up close. 30th May 2009 will perhaps be one of this iconic days when India’s biggest dance reality show ‘Dance India Dance’ was given its dancing star. He was a shy and dedicated contestant who without much effort silently stole the hearts of audiences across globe with the sheer power of his talent and dedication. Today the industry makes way for another Khan, another Salman, who’s ready to take the world with a storm. The hardest part of the journey may be over but an even more exciting journey lies ahead! Speaking to BollySpice exclusively, the ace dancer who rules the hearts of millions of girls indulged in the secret mantra behind his dedication, his experiences on the dance show of the year and the feeling of sweeping away the trophy!

Firstly and fore mostly congratulations on your victorious win on DID! Tell us how it feels to be on top of the world right?

Well like you said the feeling is on top of the world’. Its overwhelming. Out of words to explain actually!

Did you expect to last until the finals and to even take away the final trophy?

My only motto on the show was the No.1 spot. All I knew was that I had to give it everything I had. No options left! To win was the only way out.

How was the experience of shooting for Boney Kapoor’s Wanted with the legendry Prabhu Deva and the superstar Salman Khan?

Amazing! No words to describe it. I was very well treated and was welcomed with a big applause by the whole crew! It was an amazing learning experience as well! Everyone was very sweet.

Now moving to the midst of this memorable journey, you were required to move from one form of dance to almost an opposite one every other week. How did you deal with this challenge?

Well I rehearsed 16 hours a day. To learn an entirely new form and to be true and perfect in just four days was no joke. It took an immense amount of hard work and dedication because at times to get the body language right it would take forever!

Amongst all the forms you attempted on the show which one is the most enjoyable for you?

The one that I love the most and also the one that requires loads of training would be Hip Hop.

Who are some of the dancing legends in Indian cinema that you particularly admire?

In today’s time…Prabhu Deva and Hrithik Roshan.

Apart from of course your mentor Remo, which choreographers in the industry do you particularly admire?

Prabhu Deva. I haven’t worked with anyone else yet so unless and until I do I wouldn’t know.

How did you allocate time to rehearsals every week and did you have anything else taking your time whilst juggling dancing such as studies etc?

‘Dance India Dance’ was the only priority. Everything else was simply irrelevant. Even pain.

Although there were tons of performances that you were a part of, if you were to pick one particular one that was special to you which one would it be and why?

Well, there were so many but I would say that the aerial act with Alisha was by far a favourite. It was the performance which took place on the grand finale night and it was simply just one of its kind!

Your journey on DID was without a doubt a roller coaster ride – highest votes, to lowest votes to winner. How did you take such stress of votes as well as the pressure of outdoing yourself with each performance?

Well I had just this one thing on my mind which was that I was my biggest competitor and no one else. If only I can outdo my previous performance then I am improving or else I am not.

Despite the fact that you were competing against each other essentially did you still make close friends on DID?

Well yes, I did manage to make some genuine friends such as Prince, Mangesh, Rakhee and Paulson.

Apart from dancing what else do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

My friends, TV and good food!

Your female fan following is of course in abundance and possibly can compete with the likes of some of our filmi stars. Is there a special someone that all these female fans should be jealous of?

Nope, no one.

What are your aspirations now in terms of dancing? Would you like to continue as a performer or perhaps see yourself as a choreographer one day?

Well I would love to act! So will be looking forward to doing that.

Terence Lewis said on the night of the grand finale that 10 or so years ago dance and dancers did not have the reputation that they have today. People were finding it hard to accept this profession so today to all those, especially all the boys, who are perhaps apprehensive of taking their dream to the next level maybe due to the inhibitions and reactions of society which is slowly changing, what would you say to them?

Well, firstly I like many of you come from a family where education is everything. I am a mechanical engineer. I’ve always loved dancing. It’s been in my every breath. So if you really love something so much then just go for it and don’t look back! Work as hard as you can, harder than you can imagine yourself doing! And God will never look away. If you can shape your own destiny then go for it!

Like they say, take it from one who knows it. With such dedication and honesty in his effort it’s perhaps now hard to imagine why it wouldn’t pay off after-all! The road ahead looks bright and shiny for Salman with many more heights to attain and many more triumphs, and what he’ll surely have through this journey we guarantee is the support from all his fans who’ve stood by him in this prolonged journey of DID. Plus, with talent like his there isn’t much standing in his way! Be sure to watch out for Salman alongside Salman Khan in Boney Kapoor’s Wanted — Dead Or Alive directed by dancing legend Prabhu Deva! Two heartthrobs on the one screen, now this owes to be the song of the century!

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