“I’ve never had a boyfriend!” – Asin

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High off of the success of Ghajini, which is now an all-time blockbuster, Asin is currently working with superstars Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan in London Dreams.

In a chat with Mumbai Mirror, she was asked to choose between Salman and Aamir and replied, “Not fair! How can you expect me to choose between the two? Both are legends in their own right and both are good friends of mine.” However, she does mention that Salman is more spontaneous while Aamir is more contemplative when it comes to their acting approach.

She also firmly puts all relationship rumours to rest.

“The only man in my life currently is my dad, who handles my career. Besides, I have never had a boyfriend!” she explains. Just like she mentions, that’s hard for us to believe considering what a stunner she is.

Currently, the actress is focusing on her career and is happy that a wider audience can now appreciate her work. She hopes to perform meaty roles in the future without letting her faithful audience down.

First the South and now the North–Asin is on her way to conquering India at large!

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