Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

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When lyricists start resorting to words like “touch me touch me kiss me kiss me” and the repetitive composition of certain composers (not to mention any names) starts being regarded as ‘good’ music then the end of the world is not far. But in swoop Abbas Tyrewala and A. R. Rahman with capes and masks to save the day! That is the feeling you have when you witness the wonders of the soundtrack of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na which guarantees complete satisfaction, non-repetitive and refreshing music. And most importantly, something Indian music industry has forgotten to give importance to, deep and meaningful lyrics. Wait! That’s not all. The album also gives you a variety. If you think that you can typecast A. R. Rehman’s music into a category, think again. This album reveals that this maker can give you several styles in the one album.

We’ll begin by perhaps the most talked about song of the album, one that fans repeated over and over again from the rip of a one minute trailer (now that is desperation for good music). That is, Kabhi Kabhi Aditi, sung by debutant Rashid Ali. At first the song may seem to be just another feel good song that has a cute voice and a soothing track. But the lyrics tell a tale of optimism. In fact, you can actually feel the optimism when listening to the song! That is the magic of A. R. Rahman. The track is refreshing, catchy and you’ll be tapping your feet and swinging to the tune in no time!

Then comes the most controversial track of the album, Pappu Can’t Dance. Controversial in terms of whether it’s a spoof of a certain Bollywood actor or simply a harmless song. We go for the latter reasoning: just a harmless, fun disco track. The music is terrific and the lyrics are especially hilarious. Yet again another tale, his time of a guy called Pappu and his many impressive traits, but he still can’t seem to be able to dance! Some may say that the lyrics are unconventional and perhaps don’t flow with the music; however, upon listening to the song you know the lyrics have been given a considerable amount of thought. At the end of the day, this track possibly will make much more sense when seen in the context of the movie. It’s a fun and cute track that will grow on you quickly! Also if you think the excitement in Papu Can’t Dance wasn’t enough that the remix will surely get your attention. It is a very rare occurrence, A. R. Rahman creating a remix, but it sure is a great addition to the album.

If you thought that Jaane Tu would turn out to be a mindless college romantic comedy think again! The track, Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai – Aditi will have you contemplating theories and possible stories for the movie all day along. Runa’s voice is an absolute delight to the ears. It has the perfect amount of angst and control, which carry the connotations of a young girl confused in a relationship brilliantly.

Now comes a track that possibly was expected from the trailers, a feel good, fun and bubbly number that you can picture perfectly in a college scenario. Nazrein Milana Nazrein Churana is immensely catchy and within one minute into the song you’ll be attempting to sing along! The eight singers, Benny, Satish, Shweta, Naresh, Bhargavi, Darshana & Anupama have the perfect blend of peppiness yet substantial musical talent that fits into the song beautifully. A beautiful track that is sure to become a favorite.

Next is a jazzy number that may take a while to get used to but is still an absolute delight and surprise. Tu Bole is sung by A. R. Rahman himself and no one could have pulled off the jazz style better than him. What’s even more impressive about the song is the lyrics which you’ll need to pay close attention to in order to appreciate. The wordplay to describe the perspectives of two different individuals is very interesting in the way it’s been incorporated in a jazz number. A complete revelation and yet again another example that you never know A R will come up with!

Kahi To is perhaps one of the sweetest and soothing tracks of the album that you’ll be humming all day. Rashid Ali’s second track into the movie and perhaps a very different style of music compared to Kabhi Kabhi. Vasundhara’s fades in and out beautifully and suits the music perfectly. The track will perhaps not stand out as much as some of the others but still remains a credible track that will be loved by music lovers.

Last but not least is the track that will leave the strongest impact on music lovers. Jaane Tu Meri Kya Hai – Jai. Sung by none other than the man with a golden voice who gave us one of A. R. Rahman’s classics, Chaiya Chaiya. Yes Sukwinder Singh and A. R. Rahman combine again to deliver yet another outstanding track. Warning! Prior to listening to this song in isolation, do equip yourself with tissues. Because we promise you that A. R. Rahman’s magical music, the conviction in Sukwinder’s voice and Abbas Tyrewala’s lyrics will have you to tears! The song is absolutely outstanding and Sukwinder shines in all directions. Even if the song makes you think of all the situations that would require such a song in a college movie, its still one that you cannot stop listening to. Definitely, the highlight of the album.

All in all, the Imran Khan and Genelia starer Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na has been one of the most anticipated soundtracks of the year and it definitely lives up to its expectations in every respect. It is refreshing, the lyrics are brilliant and some of the most beautiful voices have been chosen to accompany it. Once again, A. R. Rahman proves that he was, is and will forever remain a musical genius that delivers a knockout album each and every time!

Our Rating

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