James Bond with a Bollywood Twist

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Yet another Hollywood film may be given a Desi touch. If all goes well, we can expect a Bollywood James Bond.

MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) who owns the James Bond franchise will soon sign a deal with Indian company, Reliance Pictures. It has been reported that MGM is going through a rough financial patch and is on its way to bankruptcy.

Anil Ambani who owns Reliance Pictures (said to be an Indian cinema superpower) wants to bail the production company from its debt with a staggering price of about $1.5 Billion.

It is therefore expected that if this deal is carried through, he is likely to give the famous James Bond franchise an Indian twist.

A source reveals, “Anil is desperate to become the biggest mover and shaker in world movies and buying MGM is central to that plan.”

The ambitious movie mogul currently owns a share in Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks studio and has top names like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Jim Carrey and Julia Roberts agreeing to develop their films with him.

The next 007 film is said to release in 2011 and will star Daniel Craig once again.

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