Javed Saab returns to the small screen

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Javed Akhtar returns to the small screen with a documentary honouring the work of the legends of Indian cinema.  Classic Legends premiered on Zee Classic on 11th of December and reminces the Golden Era of Bollywood.

“We can’t put up the entire life span and achievements of all luminaries from 50s and 60s we are talking about, but we are presenting a broader image of them” is what Javed Saab had to say when asked what all can be expected from the show.

Some of the legends to be featured in the show are Raj Kapoor, R D Burman, Madhubala, Nargis, Kishor Kumar, Bimal Roy, Shammi Kapoor, Mehboob and Guru Dutt. At present Kishor Kumar is the only singer to be featured in the show however Javed Saab believes that musical legends like Rafi and Mukesh are worthy of an episode also perhaps in the future.

Zee Classic is a channel that aims to keep today’s generations up to date with the era gone by. The channel has taken it up as a challenge to invoke curiosity and admiration amongst the youth of the legends that they have missed out on. However Javed Saab says that the show for him is a to share his memories and views of some of the greatest names of Indian cinema. He believes that the fact that he has personally known many of the personalities to be featured will set the show apart from all other published works and other TV shows that have covered the lives of the legends to be featured in Classic Legends.

As for chances of seeing Mr Akhtar on the small screen again, he says that if show meets his standards than he’d love to be a part of it however that is something that is in the hands of the channel walon!

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