Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 7: Week 3 – Made in India!

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We are back with another look at what happened on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa! This week’s show opened with the international judge Maksim Chmerkovskiy dancing to the song ‘Criminal’ from Ra One. The audience really loved his performance, as it was the first time Maksim had danced solo on the show.

Host Ranvir, then tricked the contestants into a “pass the parcel” game, by throwing them a mirror ball and saying that whoever caught the ball, would go directly into the face-off. But judge Karan Johar used his “jhoothameter” and said that Ranvir was fooling around, the mirror ball would say who was safe from the eliminations.

This week’s theme was Made in India which meant the contestants would be performing on dance styles that originated from India.

Actor Ashish Sharma & his choreographer Shampa were the first to perform. They danced on the song ‘Har Kisi Ko Nahin Milta’ from the film Boss. Their chosen dance style was Bollywood and Tang Ta. Watching this performance was like watching a dramatic love story. The judges were very impressed, as there was equal dancing, action and sword fighting was also included. Ashish received 36 marks for this intense performance.

To break the mood after the performance, the audience were shown how Mouni and Kritika had taken judge Maksim for shopping and tricked him into wearing wedding gear!

Shakti Mohan and Tusshar Kalia were next to perform. After wowing judges continuously since the beginning of this series, everyone waits for Shakti to perform with abaited breath. Shakti and Tusshar performed on the song ‘Laal Ishq’ from Goliyon ki Rasleela Ram Leela and their dance style was Indian Contemporary and Chau. This was the only performance that matched Salman and Lauren’s example last week. It had some magnificent, unimaginable lifts! Needless to say, the judges gave Shakti the full 40 marks once again for her performance .

After her performance, Shakti said it had always been her dream to dance with Madhuri and she requested judge Madhuri to show her a new step. Madhuri & Shakti danced to ‘London Thumakada’ from Queen.

Next up to perform were the adorable ‘chota packet’ Akshat and Vaishnavi. Their chosen dance style was Bollywood and their song reflected the same. They were enacting the role of someone who had left the ‘mental hospital’ and their performance also included memorable and famous Bollywood dialogues. The way Akshat enacted the dialogues and performed, bought a smile to everyones face and he received a standing ovation from the contestants. The contestants Ashish and Karan said they receive immense inspiration from seeing Akshat perform, as he is much younger than them. Again, it is no surprise that Akshat received full 40 marks for his performance!

Karan Johar then requested all the contestants to come on stage and he asked them to share honestly, who they felt was their competitor. Sophie said in the glamour department (!) Palak is definitely her competitor! Puja said she is her own competitor and Mouni said she felt all the contestants are her competitors. Shakti, naturally said Akshat is her competitor as he is the only other contestant to receive 40 marks consecutively, apart from herself.

Johar then requested three of the contestants: Purab Kohli/Kritika, Kamra/Sreesanth to stay on stage and told everyone else to go back to their seats. We then learnt that Sreesanth & Kritika were safe, but Purab was unsafe.

Cricketer Sreesanth, was the next to perform and it was mentioned that unfortunately, he had injured his left arm after his performance last week and had to keep the arm in a sling to avoid further injury. Sreesanth & Sneha performed on the dance style Bollywood and Rajasthani folk. The song they performed on was ‘Bhavare’ from Luck By Chance. The judges applauded Sreesanth’s performance as he performed despite having his arm in a sling. He received 28 marks.

Palak then enacted a filmy scene where judge Remo was her husband, Akshat her son and Maksim was her ‘lover’. The contestants and judges were in splits watching this impromtpu scene and hearing Maksim speak in Hindi!

Second to last, to perform, was Sukhwinder Singh and his choreographer Bhavna. They danced on the song ‘I Will Dance Like This Only’ from Yamla Pagla Deewana 2. Their chosen dance style was Bollywood and Bhangra. The judges commended Sukhwinder on the improvement in his performance. They said that he is growing every week and it was a very enjoyable performance. Sukhwinder received 31 marks.

Last to perform was Kritika and Savio. They danced on the song ‘Besharmi Ki Height’ from Main Tera Hero. Their chosen dance style was Bollywood and Dandiya. The judges also appreciated Kritika’s improvement but said that Savio needs to work on improving his choreography as he tries to include too much into one performance. Kritika was awarded 29 marks.

The show ended with the contestants dancing garba style to the song ‘Photocopy’ from Jai Ho and the audience was shown that Dadi and Bua from Comedy Nights with Kapil would be making an appearance on Sundays show.

Sunday’s show opened with Dadi and Bua from the hit comedy show Comedy Nights with Kapil. The audience were shown how Dadi and Bua had gone looking for the judges before the show, in order to make sure that they give their Palak, more marks.

Madhuri and Remo entered with Dadi and Bua, who then took the centre stage with their usual hilarious antics!

The first act that was safe from the eliminations was Mouni and Punit Thakar. Their act was based on a religious theme and their song also reflected this. Their chosen dance style was Contorted Tandav. The judges were extremely happy with the performance. They noticed that this kind of performance required both mental and physical strength. Mouni was awarded 40 marks for the first time and she was over the moon.

Next up to perform were Karan Tacker and his choreographer Elena. Their chosen dance style was Bollywood and Marathi folk, and their chosen song had a religious theme and folk music combined. Despite a few slips in the performance, the judges said that Karan had an excellent energy level, but he needed to kerb it as only then, would he avoid making any mistakes. Karan was awarded 30 marks.

As Bua and Dadi were sitting with Palak in the contestant’s corner, it is no surprise that, Bua wanted to take this opportunity to look for a husband (!) Palak, then very conveniently bought Maksim’s bodyguard Marvin, on stage with a proposal for Bua!

Next, Sophie, Palak and Puja were all called on stage and the audience learnt that only one of them would be going for the face-off with Purab. Puja’s name was called for the face-off and next to perform was Sophie.

Sophie and Deepak performed on the song ‘Saali Re’ from No One Killed Jessica, and their chosen dance style was Bollywood Freestyle and Paso Doble. Their entire act was based on an animal theme where Sophie was a snake and Deepak was a tiger. The judges felt it was a fantastic performance and they loved the fact that there was equal dancing and acting. Sophie was awarded 34 marks.

Then it was time for the face-off between Purab and Puja. Purab and Moena were the first to perform. They danced on the title song of Besharam and their dance style was Bollywood Indian. As always, the scores were revealed after Puja had performed. Puja and Rajat were next on stage and their chosen dance style was Tollywood. They danced on the song ‘Dreamum Wakeapum’ from the film Aiyya. The judges applauded Puja on her performance and for giving the full energy that is required for a Tollywood style performance.

The marks were then revealed of the face-off. Purab received 30 and Puja 34. Purab Kohli was eliminated from Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa.

Last to perform were Palak and Kruti. Their chosen dance style was Bollywood and Lavani and they performed to the song ‘Heroine Mujhe Banalena’. Their performance was set at the backdrop of a Bollywood awards night and they also included famous Bollywood dialogues in their performance. The judges said it was a commendable performance as Kruti was dancing despite having an injured foot. Palak was awarded 34 marks.

Dadi and Bua were very happy that Palak received good marks for her performance and on that note they said good bye to all the judges (Remo and Maksim got a kiss from Dadi!) The performance of the week was Mouni. Maksim Chmerkovskiy also bid good bye to the contestants and the audience as his time on Jhalak was up. He said he had a fantastic time and felt he learnt so much from his experience. All the contestants, judges and hosts took a selfie with Maksim.

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