Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 7: Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor & Gurukshetra!

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14aug_JDJ7-Gurushetra01Saturday’s episode of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa opened with the contestants performing in teams, with each judge of Jhalak, heading the team. Team Madhuri features Ashish, Akshat and Mallishka. Team Remo features Tara, Kushal and Kiku. Team Karan features Mouni, Shakti, Sophie and Karan. Team Madhuri danced on ‘O Re Piya’ from Aaja Nachle, team Remo danced on ‘Pump It Up’ from Chance pe Dance and team Karan danced on ‘Iski Uski’ from 2 States.

It was then time to decide which contestants would be in this week’s face-off. Kushal and Kiku were the bottom 2 contestants this week.

Kiku and Kruti were the first to perform. Their chosen dance style was popping and locking. Their chosen song was ‘Badtameez Dil’ from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Their act was based on an elderly couple who were celebrating their anniversary. As always, Kiku’s scores were saved and would be revealed after Kushal’s performance.

Kushal and Moena were next to perform. Their chosen dance style was Street Jazz and their chosen song was ‘Ek Hogaye Hum Aur Tum’ from Bombay. Kushal’s scores were saved and then the judges were asked to reveal Kiku’s scores first. There was a lot of tension surrounding the results of this face-off! Kiku received 27 marks and Kushal 26. Kushal was eliminated from Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. The judges said this was Kiku’s best act out of all his performances on Jhalak so far!

14aug_JDJ7-Gurushetra02It was then time to welcome the special guest of the evening. Akshay Kumar had come to promote his latest film It’s Entertainment. Akshay said that he is a huge fan of Madhuri and it is always a pleasure for him to be on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. Akshay then requested if he could let the contestants experience the sports day spirit as it had been a very long time, since any of them had a sports day! All the contestants were given a spoon with a lemon and they had to keep the spoon in their mouth, whilst carrying their partner on their back. Round one of this race, was won by Tara & Jack. Round two was won by Mallishka & Diwakar. Round 3 was won by Karan & Bhavna. Karan won the final race out of the three! Akshay then requested for the judges to also take part in the spoon and lemon race. Judge Madhuri walked with Akshay, judge Remo walked with host Ranvir and judge Karan walked with Manish. Judge Madhuri and Akshay won!

It was then time for the first contestant to perform: Ashish & Shampa (team Madhuri) from team Madhuri. Their chosen dance style was semi-classical and their chosen song was ‘Pungi’ from Agent Vinod. The judges loved the clever concept as Ashish was very good with changing his expressions whilst dancing in the semi-classical style. It is always unusual to see a guy perform a semi-classical dance. Ashish was awarded 27 marks for his performance.

14aug_JDJ7-Gurushetra03The audience then learnt that judge Remo had choreographed Akshay in the song ‘Johnny Johnny’ from It’s Entertainment. Akshay requested judge Remo to perform on a classical song ‘Dil Cheez Kya Hai’ and judge Karan to dance on ‘Chadti Jawaani’ and ‘Halkat Jawaani’.

Next to perform were Shakti & Tusshar (team Karan). Their chosen dance style was Bollywood/Freestyle and their song was a medley of ‘Tum Hi Ho’ from Aashiqui 2, Aaja Nachle title song and ‘Pritam Pyare’ from Rowdy Rathore. The judges loved their dance as they felt it was very entertaining. They had three costume changes which worked well (except for one) but it didn’t hamper their performance. Shakti was awarded 29 marks.

Tara & Jack (team Remo) were last to perform. Their chosen dance style was Hip Hop/Contemporary and their chosen song was ‘Mar Jawan’ from Fashion. Their act was based on a couple who are splitting up. The judges loved the performance as they felt there were a lot of emotions shown with the dance. Tara was given 30 marks. Tara then requested Akshay to show her some martial arts steps. The show ended with all the contestants dancing to ‘Veerey di Wedding’ from It’s Entertainment.

Sunday’s show opened with hosts Ranvir and Manish dancing to ‘Jaane Kyun’ from Dostana and exchanging gifts with each other as it was friendship day.

14aug_JDJ7-Gurushetra04The first act to perform on Sunday’s episode, were Mouni & Punit (team Karan). Their chosen dance style was Bollywood and Freestyle. Their act was a small tribute to judge Madhuri and host Manish as their dostana always puts a smile on everyones faces! Their song was a medley of Excuse Me/Mat Maari/Dola Re. The judges, especially judge Madhuri, loved the performance! They felt it was very entertaining and their mimicry was perfect. Mouni was awarded 27 marks. Host Manish then requested Mouni to play judge Madhuri, Kiku played judge Karan and host Ranvir played judge Remo. It was really hilarious to watch the contestants mimic the judges!

It was then time to welcome special guest Kareena Kapoor who had come to promote her forthcoming film Singham Returns.

Next to perform were Akshat & Vaishnavi (team Madhuri). Their chosen dance style was semi-classical. Their chosen song was ‘Breathless’ which has been sung and composed by Shankar Mahadevan. The judges said it was an outstanding performance. It was the first time Akshat had danced semi classically. Akshat and Vaishnavi were gifted a gift hamper and Akshat was awarded 29 marks.

Host Manish then requested Kareena and judge Karan to try singing the ‘Breathless’ as they are known to gossip a lot!

14aug_JDJ7-Gurushetra05Next on stage were Karan & Bhavna (team Karan). Their chosen dance style was Bollywood and Freestyle. Their act was a tribute to the South Indian superstar Rajnikanth and their chosen song was naturally ‘Lungi Dance’ from Chennai Express. The judges loved the performance and they said Karan did an amazing job! Karan was given his first 30 marks.

The next act to perform were Sophie & Deepak (team Karan). Their chosen dance style was Contemporary and Freestyle. Their song was ‘Ishq Wala Love’ from Student of the Year. Their act depicted the relationship between the sun and the sunflower. The judges said it was a beautiful act and Sophie danced really well even though she had chosen a different dancing style. Sophie was awarded 30 marks. Kareena also mentioned how Sophie has neck and back issues, but never complains and always performs her best on Jhalak.

Last to perform were RJ Mallishka & Diwakar (team Madhuri). This was the first time the audience saw Mallishka in a feminine avatar. Their chosen dance style was semi-classical and their song was ‘Dil Se Re’ from Dil Se. The judges were very happy with this transformation of Mallishka’s personality. She was awarded 26 marks. Kareena then agreed to do a small Q&A session with Mallishka.

14aug_JDJ7-Gurushetra07The boys then requested Kareena to dance with them but she told them they would have to follow judge Madhuri’s earn it to learn it style. The boys danced on ‘Chaliya’ from Tashan and then Kareena danced with them all on ‘Tooh’ from Gori Tere Pyar Main.

It was then time to see what next week’s theme would be. The judges explained that the conetstants would be dancing with background dancers. Dancer and former Jhalak contestant Lauren Gottlieb showed the contestants what their acts would be like next week. She danced on a filmy Bollywood theme. The contestants then celebrated host Manish’s birthday!

Performance of the week was given to Karan & Bhavna. Stay tuned with BollySpice for updates on your favourite show, Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa!

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