Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa – Wheels Setting The Floor On Fire

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13jun_JDJWheels01The premier week of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa season 6 totally set the mood for some serious dancing with the amazing pairs making their way to the dance floor and showing their different moves.

However, the judges claimed that this season is going to be tough dancing and they kick started the competition by giving Jhalak on Wheels as the challenge for the second week. The episode aired on Saturday commenced with a thrilling performance by the much loved Sunny Leone and went on to give out the results about the pairs in the danger zone. Comedian Suresh Menon, Meghna Mallik and Ekta Kaul along with their choreographers landed in the danger zone. The episode marked the entry of the twelfth participant of the season, who is none other than Krishnamachari Srikanth, former caption of the Indian Cricket team and recently named as the ambassador of Sunrisers Hyderabad franchise of the Indian Premier League(IPL) along with his choreographer Amrita. The judges were extremely happy to have the much enthusiastic Srikanth on board!

The performances of the evening started off with a rather surprisingly enthralling performance by Shaan and Marischa who involved the Wheels challenge given by the judges so beautifully that everyone was astounded! While Karan loved Marischa’s idea of the wheel, Madhuri was amazed by Shaan’s improvement. With dance forms freestyle contemporary and acrobia, Shaan had also dubbed the K.K Menon song ‘Dil Kyun Yeh Mera’ from Kites, to make it more ‘real’ for him. One could really see the singer dancing and thoroughly enjoying his act.The couple grabbed the first 30 on 30 of the season!

Then came Aarti Chhabria and Cornel Rodrigues, who danced freestyle to ‘Suraj Hua Maddham’. With a good usage of props and well-co-ordinated costumes, the duo managed a 27 on 30 and impressed the judges. The famous ‘Madhubala’ Drashti Dhami and her choreographer Salman took over the stage with a contemporary performance. However, this pair did not make use of the concept of wheels as much as other pairs and the judges did point that out to them. After all, how does one not expect the correct involvement of a concept when the choreographer is Salman? But with the choreography otherwise and Drashti’s eye catching expressions, this couple scored 26. Following them were Meghna Mallik and her choreographer Savio. Meghna wheeled her way into the judges’ hearts and was showered with comments like ‘atom bomb’, grabbing 27 on 30. ‘Ammaji’ totally shed her image with some really sexy moves on wheels!

Up next was freestyle by Siddharth and Sonia, who somehow didn’t match up to the judges’ expectations and couldn’t ‘connect’ to them the way the judges wanted them to. The couple scored the lowest points of the episode i-e 20 on 30. While Siddharth makes a really cute doctor, dance requires more than that and as much as he is trying, this performance had to be a different level, which it was not.

As eliminations came closer, the Jaan ke liye Dance was between Suresh Menon and Ekta Kaul, along with their choreographers. Ekta took two out of three votes of the judges and Suresh Menon along with choreographer Suchitra were eliminated.

13jun_JDJWheels02The following day as the amazing Jhalak on Wheels continued, Lauren’s birthday was celebrated on the sets after she gave an outstanding ‘wheely’ performance with Punit. Doing robotics and wearing wheels, Lauren and Punit swept off full scores. Our ‘gori’ perfectly lip synched her songs with the raunchy expressions needed in Rani’s Dreamum Wakeupum. Karanveer and Sneha took over the stage with a contemporary performance using a trolley and a suitcase. While the choreography was appreciated, the duo scored 25. They were succeeded by the new and enthusiastic duo Srikanth and Amrita, who happily performed a freestyle act and scored 21. The judges were quite impressed with Srikanth’s attempt at dance!

The series of performances continued with a breath taking act by the child participants Sumanth and Sonali as they outshined everyone else with a freestyle contemporary performance inspite of Sonali’s serious leg injury. The little girl danced using one leg, while Sumanth was the perfect partner in making things easier for the determined girl. The judges were thrilled and speechless, and Madhuri’s eyes were filled with tears. No prizes for guessing that they scored 30 on 30!

Next up was another surprisingly brilliant performance by Ekta Kaul and her choreographer Tushar, who performed a contemporary act where Ekta was full of expressions and feeling, exactly what she had been criticized for in the previous week. The judges were very happy with her performance as they finally saw her bringing that ‘soul’ that was missing in her previous acts. Ekta and Tushar scored 25 on 30. With Ekta’s evident determination to get better, one can surely wait for her next act.

The last wheely performance of the week was by the sizzling Shweta Tiwari and Sushant, which was a jazz performance. Even though the judges appreciated Shweta’s keenness to come out of her comfort zone as they advised, they felt it was too soon for her to try jazz, which is quite a difficult dance forms and its basics come after a lot of practice and learning. A mysteriously beautiful concept, attractive costumes and good expressions got Shweta and Sushant scored 23 on 30.

So that was Jhalak on Wheels for you. With the next episode’s theme being fusion, let’s see what these talented starlets will bring to the dance floor. Watch this space for more!

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