Jhootha Hi Sahi

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What do you get when you bring together Abbas Tyrewala, A R Rahman, and some of the best singers and musicians in the industry? You get a fab OST full of really, really, really good music. We are talking about the soundtrack for the upcoming rom-com Jhootha Hi Sahi, which opens on October 15th. The story of the film was written by Tyrewala’s wife Pakhi, who also stars in the film opposite John Abraham. For the OST, Rahman composed seven tracks plus two remixes that encompass many different styles, moods and flavors. Each one is multifaceted with the maestro’s magic touch. Let’s break down each track.

With a cool mix to his voice, Rashid Ali starts off the zippy Cry Cry. ‘Cry Cry’ is one of those tracks that you cannot get out of your head. In fact, I think every time I read the title, the hook line lyric starts singing in my mind. Rahman created a sharp but cool underlying tempo and then uses the vocals and even the lyrics to create part of the music. Ali is fabulous on this track, and from the adorable song promo seems the perfect match for John Abraham. Shreya Ghoshal joins in and gives an energetic performance that really adds a lot to the song. Both she and Rashid stand up well to the demands of their voices becoming an instrument and not just singers on top of the music. Musically, it is a very interesting song to listen to. The composer uses many different instruments in the intervening musical stanzas, which are very good. It is a song in pieces but the separate pieces are very good. I liked this more every time I listened to it. Cry Cry itna Cryyyyy…

Maiya Yashoda (Jamuna Mix) with Chinmayi and Javed Ali has got a fabulous Indian beat and flavor, with great flair and energy in mood, music and vocals. Rahman surprises with his phrasing in parts, but most of the sections are pure classic in mixing of tempos and beats. The sprightly notes of the flute and other instruments are wonderful and just the right touch, but the whole song is grounded by the percussion and bass. The musicians on this track are incredible. Both Chinmayi and Javed Ali give effervescent performances with wonderful inflection, and hit every note with skill and ease. Another outstanding track by Rahman.

There is also Maiya Yashoda (Thames Mix), and on this track Rahman just adds in some deeper percussion and electronic beats, including just a touch of phone tones mixed in. Somehow the track is missing the sparkle the Jamuna version has, and I liked that one much better. However, since the song is so good this one is worth a listen, too.

Karthik takes the mic for Hello Hello. This track’s got a bit of funky vibe in both music and rendition. Karthik weaves his fluid voice through the music and they match up perfectly. It is def of a different vibe but very cool. Once again, Rahman creates a mix of many different instruments, including violins, cello and even the dialing phone tones all backed up with a nice back drum kit beat. Only Rahman could combine dial tones and the tones of dialing phone numbers to a beat and make it music. Maybe not everyone’s cup of chai but worth a spin.

From the first notes of Do Nishaniyan you just know – this one is going to make you swoon and smile and end up on your “ALL TIME AWESOME SONGS” list. The music is so lovely, then you add the golden tones of Sonu Niigaam and you have magic. Every line is full of richness and depth, but at the same time there is a lightness to the delivery of the music. Sonu’s vocals are tailor made for this ballad and he proves once again why he is one of the best. There are little surprises throughout the song, that make it even better, like the more rock delivery he gives in one section and then that piano line…sublime. One of Rahman’s great tracks that really shows off his mastery at composition! So much in one song and every note perfect. You must own this track!

Once again we get to hear Sonu’s brilliance on the Heartbreak Reprise of ‘Do Nishaniyan’. There is so much feeling to his delivery accompanied by the gorgeous lines of music you can literally feel the heartbreak. Rahman created so much sound with the simple piano, Sonu’s voice but then backed up it up with that orchestration. Simple but full. Loved it, and wanted even more of this version as well! Sonu at his best!

We then have Pam Para and once again this song grabs you from the first notes, and those gorgeous notes are sung by the one and only Shreya Ghoshal! Could there be a better song for her voice? I don’t think so. She gets to show off her incredible vocal range, her outstanding delivery and the tonal quality to her voice and boy, does she kill it! Rahman introduces another new groove, with a hard hitting back beat that makes you want to turn this song up to 11! There is a funky syncopated beat running throughout the song that is especially heard in the refrains that is too good. Rahman also shows off Shreya’s skill by incorporating jazz and having her sing scat, which she performed flawlessly. You can also hear the jazz riff in other sections of the music. The only thing I question is the chorus with the ‘Live a bit, shake a bit’, but that may grow on me. There are so many layers to this track and so many instruments and they all combine to make an incredible jam! You must experience this song, but make sure have it turned up so you can get immersed in the music!

There is a lovely beginning with a simple acoustic guitar melody on Call Me Dil and then the fabulous Rashid Ali adds his notes and you have a wonderful track. The refrain has a very nice harmony and quality, but the music is actually a little busy in the background; I feel it takes away from the voices. That orchestral layer seemed a bit much underneath the main guitar line. I like it much better when it is just Ali’s voice and the easier guitar line. You know how they say when you are getting ready to go out, to turn around really quickly and take off the first thing that catches your eye in the mirror? Rahman maybe should have taken off one layer. However, it is a terrific performance by Ali, he has a great quality to his voice and the melody is lovely. I think the more you listen the better this one will get.

Finally we have I’ve Been Waiting, which is another jazz flavored track but this time channeling Michael Buble/Harry Connick Jr. ‘I’ve Been Waiting’ is one of the best on an album full of bests. Vijay Yesdus has this smooth crooner voice that takes you into another world, a very romantic world. I imagined being on a rooftop with a gorgeous man sitting at a piano singing to me and above the moon and stars are twinkling, I am in a gorgeous dress, there is a gentle zephyr…okay, I am back. Perfection is all you can say about his singing on the track. This song is completely different than any we have heard and there is only one word sumptuous, luxurious, swaying, gorgeous, romantic, lovely music…oh, wait, that is more than one. Just go listen now! Boys, if you want to make your girls melt play this song…or better yet serenade her.

What can you say, but that Rahman is a master at his craft, and with each new album he impresses you all the more. There is so much to his music; so many ways he combines so many musical aspects from voices, to orchestration, to simple musical lines, and more. These are all the layers he puts together and he creates, well, art! This is movie music at its best, and I can’t wait to see Jhootha Hi Sahi because I always love a song more after I see it within the context of a film. And the fact that John Abraham is lookin’ so geekly cute does not hurt either! Be sure and check this one out, you won’t be disappointed.

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